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I was playing on Hypixel Earlier today, and what are the chances of me finding @Stomachfoot in the same game as I was? Turns out, it happened.
Here’s the picture
I want to find you D:
Haha, it is quite amusing when this happens. Twice to far. :D
Once @Barrygold_ and I saw matanvl on Mineplex and we fucking legged it.
I have @FoggyIO on my friends list on mineplex :p
Well I found quite some people from here on Synergy…
@CookieRedstone Idon’t think synergy counts


6 Mar 2016 18:50:04 GMT
I found like 10 people I know on Cubekrowd, not necessarily friends tho.
I found @Mr_RedSheep on mineplex today.
A few months ago, I found Hacker on Styms.
Found @C2Lredstone on Hypixel
lol I ushally play on hypixel with C2L, y u no see me? Also me and C2L found @aNub playing on hypixel
Yesterday I saw @LUC_DIABLE on hypixel speed UHC
Once I saw DICO on redstoner! But really, I have seen a few people on Hypixel, Mineplex etc.

Note: its pretty much more than a week ago except the mineplex (shitplex) one

I saw Luc_diable at shitplex skywars

I saw stomachfoot, thesaltyspoon, danielderpxd (somederp_), c2lredstone, nyxis, peony_, and blaze (with the numbers that i dont even remember) at hypixel skywars Note: the hypixel one,we became one big party lel

I found @Hardfg5000 on mineplex’s lobby-1 today when i was talking with @FoggyIO xdd
A long time ago, I found @HackerAttacker on Styms :p
I found Nyxis (well he found me and told me about it on Redstoner)
Also ace i remember that :p

Not to necropost, but I just noticed this post, and I’d like to mention that I saw @KILLAGIB4 while playing Skype wars with @TheSaltySpoon, idk where Killa went (I think he died or left), but that do was definitely luck, just. . . Luck

Dunno if spewn remembers. . .

I, multiple times saw epmech in a game of hypixel haha

Please stick this

No reason to sticky this, not used by every one and not really relevant…?
Ayy been after this thread for a while. My brother saw Epmech on I think Hypixel Skywars in November?
found @HitzCritz in cubekrowd

i found @HitzCritz on mp just now, twas an interesting encounter.

would’ve uploaded chat (which was lulz) but puush is being difficult atm

use imgur or something
Lol Barry that was a fun encounter :P
Oh no I’ve been uncovered D:

use imgur or something

no, i like puush, not everything i make is automatically shared.

does that really matter. unless youre puush-ing nude photos ofcourse
woefiex when you said that, I looked at your avatar skin.. for some reason I kinda laughed
Well maybe I am??????
This is really weird and I’m not sure if it clasifys as me finding someone or not. Anyways, @Blazeshard or Hardfg5000 at exactly 7:34 of this YouTube video you where talking in the chat. It’s an Admin Series OP UHC so you where pretty lucky to be in it!
I saw @Lysus on creativecraft the other day. He gave me an unfair warning for saying pi in chat.

@Redempt boi, you said like the first 20 numbers of pi. ok it didn’t go over a line in chat but that’s still a long string of numbers that server no real purpose besides to contribute to the spam of numbers everyone was already saying, which creative-craft determines to be as spam. You even complained to an admin and he said i was right and that was considered spam. Don’t come on here and say it’s unfair when the rules/higher staff at creative-craft says it’s fair.

Anyways nice seeing you on there :)

Just because that admin said it was fair on that server doesn’t mean it was fair.
@Redempt punishments are subjective. No need to get salty. If my skype was a server, I would have banned you too for pi.
It took up less than a line
Oh try spamming up chat with one line I fucking guarantee you you will be warned (if you used a normal account on redstoner)

If it were something RANDOM like “sokgjbsojgbhiysatg97st” then yes

Pi is not random or useless

Plus someone had asked for a number in chat, so I just said pi

Pi is not relevant nor necessary in that context of any server unless you were prompted to say it. However, knowing you, you most likely would say it just to prove your “superior intellect”.
Also, there is no real “random”. You simply cannot have something random. I don’t know whose cause this supports.
lel. what N7 said. edit; (the intellect message)
Holy fuck we just had 5 “just now” replies in a row
redempt. atleast it was just a warning. if he tempbanned you because of 20 characters then MAYBE the unfairness of it is understandable
@Redempt boi pi is useful and has a reason but on a server where people are just talking there is no context for you to have said it and it is unnecessary in that context. Also for a server filled with 100+ people when people are already filling chat with numbers filling it with pi is a bit much. Also it was supporting, in a not so beneficial manner, the current spam that was already going on. Also I only warned you it’s not like i banned kicked or muted you. Although i was getting close to higher punishments due to all the argument and the complaint over the rules which is also against the rules. lucky it was me who was on cause most other staff on creative craft network would’ve probably kicked you and if needed banned you. Be glad it didn’t get to that :)
Well you heard it from the man himself.

Last comment from me, because this thread wasn’t meant for this kind of discussion:

Should have been a verbal warning, that warning counts as 1/4 of a ban. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t have disputed it, but I thought it was too small a matter to get me 1/4 the way to an automatic ban

@Redempt last post from ME on this salty issue; I was warned twice for different things that could have easily been glossed over; Once for “post farming” for posting an irrelevant reply^(lol like right now) and once for putting a singular nonstandard unicode character in chat. A singular. Count yourself lucky.

@Redempt Ok for a server as large as creativecraft network, the rules are more heavily enforced since being lenient in someways will make people feel entitled to pushing the limits and occasionally breaking rules. Also the warnings are 1/4 of a tempban of 1 day (just one day nothing crazy like a week) but after a warning is a kick then a mute. A person is typically not warned more than 2 times in a session and the seccond time is due to another staff warning without knowing that the person was already warned. Rarely if ever does anyone get 4 warnings in one or two days. unless they’re obnoxious about breaking rules or staff were each different or the warnings were given at times decently far apart from each other. And if a verbal warning is given to something that you may consider is little, then many others who were also warned for similar punishments will also complain and it’ll be bad. Also verbal warnings are given to things that are far less excessive than the first 20 numbers in pi. If you did something like the first 7 numbers, ok verbal, but you sure didn’t do just a little bit of pi. I may have a screenshot of what you said and if I do, I’m more than happy to share. Redstoners doesn’t ever come to close to how many people can be on creative craft at some times so i don’t expect you to understand how different the standards are for following rules are and how staff are to enforce rules. So i suggest you suck it up and understand, you broke rules you get punished. That’s the end of it. All you’re doing here is complaining and whining over something petty. There was no reason for you to bring that issue over to the forums here, by doing so it only shows that you are childish and hold grudges over things that were already settled. If you act like this and you’re staff of a server it doesn’t give a good light to the server as well as to the other staff of the server, whom i respect, so i suggest you stop acting like a child and accept that you broke rules and got punished. I’m only saying this to make you understand how you are wrong with what you are trying to prove or argue especially with that last comment you made.

This is my last comment.

Wait 3.141592 gives you a warning at all. Unless it was “random”, that is just too strict, if I type pi, I go to 11 long, and it has never been considered spam on any server I’ve been on, regardless of size. My first and last comment on this

@minenash ok i should’ve made this more obvious but it was implied, a lot of people were saying numbers in chat and i was telling people to stop but before i said anything i saw two people say obnoxiously long numbers in the giant mess of numbers being spammed so i officially warned those two people one of whom was redempt.

also @Redempt if it’s a joke make sure make it more obvious, nothing in your comment made it look like a joke. remember over the internet, it’s hard to tell a joke from serious statements unless it’s very obvious

(sorry for necropost, but I didn’t want to make a dupe thread) I was playing Hypixel Skywars, and someone rushed me. It was @Nyxify, who I assisted killing then later died to.