DamnSpam on wrong blocks

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What did you expect? A repeater diode will change like quickly

What happened? The repeater diode had damnspam which isnt possible

Any error messages? No.. just the normal damnspam pop-up but with a repeater diode instead of a lever/button

How can we reproduce this bug? Idk tbh, it happens like suddenly..

So you can put damnspam on a repeater? ._. that’s new :P
Break the block, place a lever or button, shift break the lever,replace the block. Should fix it
@Mr_RedSheep Someone has damnspammed a sapling.

This is known to us, we really need to run a cleanup tool on damnspam to get rid of it. If it ever happens, place a lever on the block and properly remove it via shift+break. If nessecary with world edit or call a mod to help you :)



@Nyxeon wot xD