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I’m currently coding an extended version of the redstoner mod, without using mcreator.

The current list of people/redstoners I’m gonna add in is: Mothership_Q Doom_Blah IpFreely644 Nightshade32 Eniallator HiddenSentinels Gapbrick Pigglypops Dico200 redstone_sheep gundershot Asecta TraksAG MisaXage yop_tropix KPkiller1671

The whole staff. I’ll release the mod when I feel it’s ready, but I’ll still post screenshots for updates.

After I’m finished with adding the staff/redstoners, I’m going to try 2 things:

  1. If you want to be in the mod, just ask me :)
  2. I will try to add a redstone(r) biome as suggested in the other thread with bamboo and pandas and stuff. Look forward to it :)

I’ve already added Mother, Doom, Ip and Nightshade.

I’m open to suggestions!


Not bad, can you add me too?

If you want i can remove the older redstoner mod.

Sure, I can, but I’ll finish staff first.

No problem with your mod, you can leave it as you like :)

Status update:

I’ve added all the mods - admins and helpers to go. One problem though is, that multi-layered skins don’t seem to be working. I’ll have to find a workaround.

The whole staff is added now, fixing the textures…

Okay now. Fixed all the multi layered skins. Every staff member is now added :)

Screenshots: Picture 1 Picture 2

Totally forgot Panda! :( Added him, of course! :)



I fixed your image but now I’m not sure I wanted to. It’s terrifying.

Too much panda xD

Also what would a Redstoner biome look like exactly? Having trouble visualizing it

Well, I don’t know either. xD Any suggestions?

I’m gonna continue coding probably today, but first I’ll make a plugin to prevent those kill potions.

Panda !! Panda biome! rain forest lots of bamboo!! panda meat and fish
Rain Forest = Jungle?
Wait, what exactly does the mod contain? I might be interested.

Can i be added to the mod aswell? awesome work :D

also….. make a penguin biome :D

I unfortunately won’t have time to come on or code in the next 2 weeks. But after that, I will implement it.
Add meh and make sure i only spawn in a jungle biome
@Bitcoder thats gonna create a lot of lagg with redstone blocks so make something with redstone grass and “redstonestone”
this is looking amazing so far! xD
That’s cool looking man, I don’t know if the textures change on their own but I have a new skin now ;)

Now. :D

To yop: They don’t change automatically, so I just updated your skin. I’ll build the mod and upload it in a few minutes!

Wait, what? I apparently deleted eclipse yesterday. xD I’ll install it again…
@yop_tropix Skin downloaders only got me your old skin, can you send it to me?
There we go! Release v1.1 for Minecraft 1.7.2. Staff members + panda.

@fdd2001 Huh I don’t really wanna post it here since it’s not easy to get since most downloader get you my old skin and I don’t really want some people to use MY skin as theirs..

Sent it on Skype.

­­>Yeah cause you totally cannot download players' skins on the interwebs

@yop_tropix Skin downloaders only got me your old skin, can you send it to me?

@redstone_sheep Most website give you my old skin ;) And I don’t really want my skin to be seen on an other’s account, I’ve seen a lot of player copy staff’s skin already :P

Thanks. I am currently pretty much stressed out by back to school and don’t have much Time.
Can I bee added to the Mod? Bzzzz…. -H5
I dont see me in any of the screenshots. Also make the redstoner biome a single plot with some redstone things in it
@Doom_Blah Doom_Derp Ain’t that you?