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Post Pictures of YOU!!! Reverse Replies

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Let's see who's made of iron... who's up for it, eh? That's it folks! Down below, post pictures of yourself! Please no ranting talks about other things, try to keep it all on topic.... if ya feel like it, rate other people >:D

Peace out! I'm not going first -_-


Please only IRL selfies/pics -_-

AND PEOPLE, no other "pics" of "you" like different characters from movies etc

If you're up to it, post your ethnicity / age if ya want

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ayy lmao 😂😂😂

I hope I won't regret this

I already have many regrets in life, and a ton on this server

Fun fact: I'm older than I look

Welp I'll do this in a few years, when I don't look like a retard. I'm 13 btw

Then why did you make a reply at all?

Dont post stuff if its not that relevant please -.-

Hi, this is me IRL


I'm 13 btw


12 btw haHAA

12 btw

accurate shirt there barru

Yes my sleep schedule is still awful, one of the things that'll never change about me

btw, puberty was nice to me:


The only change I see are the glasses

@CookieRedstone Eyes r less retarded, jaw sorted itself out, I got a better haircut and I also shaved

oh and I also fixed tf out of my eyebrows but I keep quiet about that one

Puberty was definitely on your side :P

@PusheenClicker I think you look pretty handsome

Well, this photo is like 2 years old but I'm happy about it so whatever. Chinese and 17 years old at the time of this picture (20 now):

yo fuck you people are allowed to see my ugly ass red cheeked face again, i always look dead so no bitching.

also fuck formatting n shit i cba

i'll probs delete later so take your chance n fucking look at it.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I update this thread
Because fuck you

oui oui baguette

turning 17 and a half soon !
alt text

Gwj stop hitting on people :')

A more current pic (I'm 20 now). I just came out IRL with this pic!

I'm somehow both surprised and not surprised. And I can't explain my feeling for either.

Because I'm narcissistic, here's another

Seeing as max got it before, here's an updated me i guess

Here’s a selfie I took 5 minutes ago because fuck it why not

Free photoshoot at my uni today!

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