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Hey Redstoners,

As all of you know, MineCraft 1.9 is around the corner (it will release tomorrow). EDIT: It's out
And I'm not the only one to hate this update, and I think we should have a vote, about updating or not.
because I remember that updating to 1.8 was a nightmare, but why update to 1.9? This update adds nothing useful and I think staff might agree that it might not even be worth the effort to update, MineCraft 1.8 is fine as it is in my opinion. In my opinion we should, atleast for now, not update to 1.9.

Edit: Is 1.10 stable?

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Mhm after i tried 1.9, the release isnt so bad at all! So yes update maybe..

I would like to point out that, for reference, 1.9 is a lot laggier. I crash every 5 mins, and I have quite an expensive computer; it is completely unplayable.

Barrygold_ Just because you seem to crash every now and then doesn't mean that everyone does. Mojang wouldn't release 1.9 if it weren't stable. So either you have really bad luck and there is a bug that only effects you, or there is something wrong with your drivers/windows/etc..

I think 1.9 is pretty cool although many people lag like hell. We should wait for a more stable build and then see if it’s worth it.
By the way, Spigot does NOT have a good build yet. Most of the plugins will probably die. So I am supporting 1.9 although I think it’s just better to wait and see what’s coming.


Ok I guess it's time for me to put something in to this as well...

As of the features side of things: I have no fucking clue. I'm only watching one or two minecraft vid's per week depending on how much our all time favourite slab uploads (ethos'lab :P) so I don't really know what changes. From what I can tell it doesn't really effect us that much tho exceot for survival which not many play anyways sooo from this PoV I'm fine with it.

As of stability: As far as I can tell it runs fine for me but that might differ for everyone. Some people are complaining about major performance/stability issues. Till that's sorted out I don't want to update therefor I'd rather wait two weeks too long than two weeks too few.

As of spigot: There IS a release for 1.9 but once more I want to question stability and performance. I have not tested it yet but I got time tomorrow, I'll finally get new pend for my whiteboard so I can get shit done again and tackle that topic :P Additionally I think it's just a protocol update as of today?

As of plugins: This will probably be the worst part because we have to do it :P Stuff wants to be tested with 1.9. There should not be too much changing because no server functionalities were changed really but spigot can always change method names and we need to deal with the new items and mobs; Maybe they are causing trouble maybe not. We'll see. It will definitly take a few more days before we can even update spigot and plugin ways tho.

TL;DR: I'm fine with updating but the server/plugin side of things is not yet. We'll see again in a few days :)



Update: Synergy has updated to 1.9, not that bad... I guess...

Just to expand on what @Pepich1851 said about stability and performance of 1.9. I have myself started a local 1.9 server + client logged in and left it run in the background, what I can say is constant CPU usage spikes all the way to 2 cores at 100 % (seems like thats caused by the new AI of some mobs - not that big of a problem for us, but we still have to keep in mind that there IS a survival world).

About memory, well, after 8 hours of runtime, during which I had to restart the client several times, the server grew from 5.6 GB up to 7.3 GB of memory usage (given it has 13 worlds loaded - I had to compile multiverse myself and it still is listed as broken).

Just to note, the client was running on a separate computer.

Beside CPU and memory usage being more than it should be, there are also some bugs in vanilla 1.9, plugin coders are now at the stage of "get our plugin to work somehow and worry about fixing bugs later", so plugins will contain quite a few bugs too.

All in all 1.9 is NOT stable enough for servers yet, let alone the plugins (talking about all plugins, not just redstoner-utils).

For the techy people out there, server machine was my desktop (i5-4460, 24 GB of RAM) and the client was my laptop (i3-2350M, 4 GB of RAM), server running Linux Fedora 22 and client dualbooting Windows 7 and Fedora 22 (I tried the client in both, didn't help), as for Java, both computers are running openJDK 1.8 (Minecraft only seems to download its own Java runtime on Windows).

I myself would also like to confirm some issues with 1.9, I don't know what's up with it, but on a survival server I play on the chunks I'm in sometimes randomly unload, and I can't seem to get more then 30 fps, but that might be my very, very weak CPU. And Also @Nemes we have 2 survival worlds.

@CookieRedstone 2 survivals, 6 survival worlds (you have to count end and nether as separate thanks to Multiverse :P)


And as for the FPS, I get 250 ish FPS in 1.8 but cant get more than 25 in 1.9, I bet its Mojang not knowing how OpenGL works...

And I believe there are also quite a ton of mobs in the regular tr world.

I don't really care about the update because it's just an update for PVP, and this server is mainly for redstone, but people can still PVP, but just rarely. Eh, idc

I agree with DoomBlah. I want this server to update to 1.9 because I will be using 1.9 and I don't want to switch back to 1.8.9 to come on this server.

What @TrizingGamer said. That right there

I think we should downgrade to Alpha and play with dust and torches again and make 64-bit computers.


Well, I want redstoner to stay in 1.8 so I dont need to switch to 1.9 every time.

Please update to 1.9 so I can see what doors are broken and need to be fixed :P

mfw mato doesn't actually fix any of his doors

people take a look at this

  1. The update is not that bad, some bugs got fixed. Heh, even fixing the glitchy instant dpe makes sense.
  2. In a couple of months most server will have updated to 1.9. Redstoner will be updated no matter what because new guests don't want to go on outdated servers.
  3. 1.9 has some new bugs in it. What are you waiting to post and vote them in the bug tracker instead of complaining about them?!
  4. The controversial comparator change may break some of our inventions but it also creates new cool mechanics.
  5. You have fps issues in the new update? Maybe it's because you have mods that are not yet optimized for 1.9. Vanilla minecraft runs fine for me.
  6. Sorry for my shitty english.

@Matoseb Just want to point out number 5, most people, including me (no mods, nothing) have reported FPS issues. I did some more testing and its connected with the fact <technical> Minecraft is slowly moving onto newer OpenGL versions (which also means dropping support for old devices) and it seems like Mojang doesn't exactly use the things efficiently... at all... </technical>. Long story short, maybe when 1.9.1 comes out and mojang fixes most of the issues everything will be good. wait, this is Mojang we're talking about...

Anyways some more technical investigation reveals that most of the game update time on the client is spent rendering (duh, its a client, what else would it do?!), but its considerably more than it "should" be and from some testing with spheres and caves I pinned it down to 3 theoretical issues:

  • Someone "optimized" the cave-culling algorithm originally invented for MC:PE (More info here)
  • Unlikely but possible, color blending is messing up and slowing down (keep in mind to get proper color blending of glass and stuff it has to sort ALL the blocks into a single render queue based on transparency+color)
  • IMO the most likely candidate is chunk-occlusion testing, remember how Minecraft is segmented into chunks of 16x16x16? Yeah, that has a good reason, Minecraft doesn't redraw all of them, it only redraws the ones needed, it may be that someone "optimized" this once again and its redrawing everything (or almost everything).

What new mechanics Matoseb?

Hevent you heard about the bugs and how horrible the performance is i cant even cap 60fps when i usually run about 200fps

Also, ask @AttanabilRS about his 6x6 glass door, the mechanic he used in that door is now borken. And that happens to be a mechanic I use very often too.

Cookie link me too,i made it with him since my INGAMEname is aceblade9 ,_, and yes it seems that now the pulse isnt long enough to let the piston pusher retract down fast enough in 1.9

When i startup my server with plotme i get tons of errors for it and it eventually crashes my server so i understand not updating to 1.9

^ This might be quite important to note. (As always, PlotMe does a shit job at dealing with updating the plugin properly)

@Meowcat285 Say, what plugins do you use?

Alsoo guys on synergy i found out at 1.9 sands can break a lot easier at spigot, so be careful x(

@MikeyMatic Actually the sand bug is not related to spigot but to 1.9 vanilla.

Im not sure @Matoseb , i tried one of my creation in singleplayer it works but on spigot it doesn't, and the problem was sand breaking easier on 1.9 spigot, @zombachu confirmed :v

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