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Due to a malicious software I unintentionally downloaded on my computer, I will not be on the server for a long time. I am generally disheartened by this and I am just saying bye 4 a little… or a while. Note to anyone without great security system, don’t open texture packs with internet explorer. This is Flubber signing off. =(
Dot open anything in Internet explorer except an installer for Mozilla Firefox or google chrome, I would recommend getting an antivirus software on the web and use that to get rid of it if you can, unless its one of those smart viruses
Thanks here code we r running scan now I may be back relatively soon actually, but I don’t know when. Thanks for taking the time to respond. =)
I Wil still be on the forums regularly so keep checking =)
Also I’m posting from my Kindle Fire if u r wonder how I’m still using the internet
Flubber i scan all files i download on its the best website for scanning URLs and files. I suggest you should use it :D And its not a virus
Oh yeah nalaek I got that fixed a while ago :D sorry but thnx for help.
I download all of my texture packs from internet explorer and nothing happens to me, actually that’s probably because I’ve got Norton 360
Do not necropost @Aaron_HL
@Aaron_HL pfffft. Norton. You clearly know little about computers if you use Norton IMO. Use some shit like avast.

@ABritishGamer off topic but how come you had time to reply to this and not the thread to help out soup, eh?

I’m disappointed.

@ABritishGamer dude, stfu i just can’t believe you said that I’m just too lazy to install mcafee or some shit


Nyx wat he said is true, if your using nortan you dunt know much about antivirus'
Someone please lock this thread. It’s been dead for half a year and shouldn’t be posted on anymore.
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