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CLOSED Tables hard to read on mobile devices Reverse Replies

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What I expected

So I'm browsing the forums on my phone and encounter a table. I expected it to be easy to read.

What actually happened

It takes a bit of thinking to read the table.

Hard to read table

Error message


Reproducing the bug

  1. View a table on a mobile device.


Anywhere there is a table. Staff can use this as an example if it's needed.

Additional details

Not sure if this is a bug or me not having a brain, but just in case it's here. Also, my mobile device is a Moto X (2nd Generation).

4 replies.

@LogalGamer I have the same problem, it is possible to read but as you said, it does take a bit of thinking.

@jomo despite this, it's awfully difficult to make sense of what you're seeing.

I'm going to close it, because having it the other way would make it really hard to read it. And you can always turn your phone sideways.

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