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What? Redstoner? I don’t get it. I spawn on that piston. What now? Help! Admin! (can i haz op) Mod! omg.


#First steps. When you join the server, you spawn in the spawn world, which is currently a giant piston. In that piston, you’ll find all our staff and our donators. :-)

#Staff list. For the ranks see below. ;) ==Helpers== Valsim72 ArhurValk KPkiller1671 ==Moderators== yop_tropix MisaXage Mothership_Q Doom_Blah HiddenSentinels eniallator ipfreely644 NightShade32 (Bitcoder) ==Admins== redstone_sheep Pigglypops TraksAG Asceta Dico200

(I’m writing this list off the top of my head, so sorry if someone is missing. Just tell me.) Those are the people you can go bother about the questions you still have after reading this thread :P. If there’s no staff online and you just have a question or need help, just ask somebody of the server. They’ll help you.

#Worlds On the sides of the piston, you’ll see some signs. Those lead to the corresponding worlds. Just jump into the void on that side to get into the world. ##Creative This is the most important world for you. The creative world is the plotme-managed world and the world that is most used. There, you’ll get a plot to build on. See plots below. ##Survival Anybody survivalling? Survival is only accessible member+. It’s a plain survival world where you can build your base. It’s unfortunately griefed a lot because griefing is allowed. ##Trusted Build everything! No matter how big! Trusted is only accessible trusted+ (as the name suggests.) It’s a giant flatmap where you can build without restrictions. ###Trusted Survival There’s a survival only accessible trusted+, but you can’t get in there from the piston. ##Gallery Teaching, learning, building. The gallery is a yet beta world to help guys that are new to redstone. Here you can look at doors, how they work, logic, gates, expandable walls, stairs, item sorting etc… You are builder and higher and you want to make the gallery even better? Then just ask somebody of staff and they’ll give you access.

#Ranks ##Visitor This is the rank you have when you join the server. You can have one plot in the creative world. ##Member This is the rank right after visitor. You can access the survival world. *Getting the rank: *register on the website and play for a week. ##Builder This is the rank after member. You can send do /lol and party have worldedit access. You can have a second plot in creative. *Getting the rank: *You have to be active a lot and build some great stuff on your plot. ##Trusted This is the highest rank you can get without counting staff. You can have a third plot in creative and full worldedit access. Getting this rank: Do NOT ask for it.

#Plots The plots in creative are areas (101x101x256 = 2611456 blocks) where you can build. The default floor is quartz but it can be changed via worldedit and manual building (have fun replacing 10201 blocks). You can claim plots up to your limit via /plotme auto or /plotme claim (whilst you are standing on the plot you want to have.) ##Limits: Visitor: 1 Member: 1 Builder: 2 Trusted: 3 Helpers: ? (I think 3 too) Higher staff (Mods/Admins): Unlimited, but agreed to be a maximum of 4.

#Most important plugins ##SayLol This is a plugin written by the admins. It allows you to broadcast a funny message from a set list. Usable for builders+. Commands: /lol to broadcast a lol /lol list to see the list of lols. ##WorldEdit See the worldedit wiki. ##Cycle This allows you to create a longer hotbar by cycling the inventory. You can toggle it with: /cycle <on/off> ##DamnSpam This allows you to create a spam proof button/lever. Just look at the lever/button and type: /ds –Can also be decimal!

I really love that ‘Saylol’ was placed under ‘important plugins’.

On a related note, I think that putting a ‘getting started’ info tab together might make sense to do. I can put one together that condenses important information.

On a slightly less related note, we need a good way to get people to read the website more frequently, there are still people who don’t know what they need to do for member even after spending a week on the server.

Some updates: I totally forgot Panda as an admin. Sorry :) Also, the args on /cycle and /ds are lost.

@Mothership_Q SayLol is definitely an important plugin :D How about linking the website as join message for visitor?

You forgot Gundershot :P nice list

@ArhurValk Yes :/ PanFritz and Gundershot are missing. Can’t edit it very well on my phone…

@redstone_sheep Yes, can add that.

@yop_tropix and @MisaXage are both mods. @Valsim72 and @ArhurValk are both helpers. @Gapbrick has retired.
@KidwaiFamily Updated