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I made my first snake game Reverse Replies

I made it in javascript, with the p5.js library.
If you wanna try it, I recommend you download the p5 editor, that way you don't have to worry about linking the libraries and the HTML together, it does that for you.
You can download the editor here:
After you launch the editor, delete the stuff that's already in it and paste in this code:
I worked on it for about one month.

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Why not just provide a zipfile to dl instead of givin build instructions? It should still be only html/js/css, right? Or why mot put it onto some random website? ._.



@LogalCoder I was thinking about doing something like this, but the p5 library isn't available there.
@Pepich1851 I don't know how to make zip files, I am nub. And it's not pure JS, it uses the p5 library. (because idk how to make stuff in pure JS ._.)

Well that library is js as well. Like jQuery. Or skeleton. All that stuff breaks down to html/js/css...

@LogalGamer hmm ok I can try that.

@LogalCoder @Pepich1851 So I finally got around uploading an online version, so here it is:

I have a profile on jsfiddle now, so I will probably be putting more stuff in there later on.

At the end, I didn't jam everything into the JS window, I simply linked to an online available p5 library in the HTML part :p

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