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I dare someone to make a program in this language.(Omgrofl)
Some help:

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Omfg that is gold. How do you run omgrofl programs? Ok I'm guessing you probably can't and it's just a concept but still

@LogalCoder glhf with that...

If you like this, you may like, the programming language, brainfuck.

@minenash We know. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
By the way, I actually found two interpreters, although one does not support multiple statements per line, and the other is incomplete.

I was going to make a calculator thing,but after an hour of working I still couldn't even input a number yet. So good luck to anyone who tries this cause it's really hard to do anything in the language.

why dont you program your calculator in this language


Really, GLGitRekt? -_-
By the way, this is so much faster (longer though):

I tried to make a calculator, but (at least with base BrainFuck) I couldn't figure out if a number was 10 or over.

If I'm ever gonna learn to code fr I'm learning Omgrolf xD

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