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Basically, if you have a build that is a world record, you can post it there or if you are looking to beat a world record, you can see what the current record is. It would result in a lot less confusion about whether or not if something is a world record.
+1, maybe something like the building forum?
I was thinking of putting this on my website, maybe I can actually start work on it xD
You should.

Yay! I once thought about making this on one of those free website builder things. But then they wouldn’t let me put a forums in and I got frustrated, closed chrome, and never went back to that project again.

I like cookie’s idea, and logal’s too, which basically are on the same track :3 @Kappeh (do you suggest that because a lot of those world records would have your name? jk XD, it would be an excellent addition to your website I think)

-1 Anything can be a wr…

Even stupid doors :P


As this has a lot of +1s, and while we wait for it to be added(if it’s added), I made a website, Redstonerwr.tk (Using the .tk Version will prevent any /PAGE-NAME. Bassicly The whole site is Redstonerwr.tk If you want to see the /PAGE-NAME go to Redstonerwr.weebly.com instead) I wanted to do this domain: Redstoner.wr , but wr is not a TLD(Top Level Domain), and while I could create my own, only people who changed their computer settings would be able to connect to it. I almost got Redstonerwr.com but then i remembered this was temporary.

Edit: Testing: @LogalCoder , Did you get a message for being @ed

Same. I could help out if you want. It looks like yo you could have some better graphics :p

I was going to make a proper one, this was temporary, as it didn’t take too long to make. I wanted one up fast, then make a better one to replace it. As pointed out I’m not that good with graphics, so help is welcomed. Any other help is also welcomed. I’m not home either, and won’t be until 6ish Eastern.(In 4 hours).

Edit: In the logo/banner thing I would like the Redstoner logo.

With graphics maybe?
@LogalCoder will you be home around 6?
I can help with code if necessary.
@LogalCoder @Kappeh We need a better form of communication, than this post.
Do you have my Skype?
I may get Tox latter, but let’s stay with slack for now.