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I know at least some of you guys do somthing other than redstone Put down ur pvp highlights in the thread! For me its getting 8 kills in hypixel solo skywars

Edit just got 9 kills Current Stats on hypixel: Kills Deaths K/D Wins Losses W/L
Ranked 387 382 1.01 132 383 0.34 Solo Normal 660 473 1.40 61 474 0.13 Solo Insane 4,489 3,801 1.18 390 3,803 0.10 Team Normal 220 224 0.98 22 215 0.10 Team Insane 936 732 1.28 109 685 0.16 Mega 241 298 0.81 22 279 0.08

Overall Stats: Kills: 6,933 Assists: 696 Deaths: 5,910 Kill/Death Ratio: 1.17 Wins: 736 Losses: 5,839 Win/Loss Ratio: 0.13

I feel its pretty bad after what everone replyed RIP P.S. I don’t have the bulldozer perk for normal after all this RIP

This is me vs. an osu! stream. It’s a play. It’s not minecraft.


What game is it
Also whatever your doing looks really difficult XD
10 kills skywars beat that :D
I played 20 games of skywars, my record is to stay alive for 2 minutes and 13 seconds. 0 wins…


13 Jun 2016 10:56:18 GMT
Getting 11 solo kills in a skywars game, 21 in teams and 43 in mega :P I won a 4v1 on badlion UHC once when i was 1/4 dia, three of them were half dia and the other 1/4. I also spend more time PvPing than i do redstoning which means an awful lot.
Damm @SmashDoesMC !
Btw im pretty sure 43 kills in mega is a world record
Over 68k Kills in Quakecraft. Get on my level

I won a mega game with around 15 kills having one being a hacker that i pvped (no bow) and winning also haveing a 5v1, and a 4v1! <- no lie

I also had a time that i was undergeared and killing a full enchanted guy in mega skywars then winning a 2v1 cleanup and then ANOTHER 2v1 cleanup with a win

4 kills then die, 2 trap kills

Trap kills: killing peoples using a trap,in my case its a shit simple void trap that used a curve (not that curve) walkway then make the hole, i always trick them eith that crap XD

8 sw kills in one game 600+ team kills 400+ solo killz m8


Dude. That’s nothing. I have over 3000 kills in solo m8.
I have over 3400 kills lol And like 1500 in teams

I play mineplex champions.

Over 1000 wins I have over a 5 kdr. I average 17 kills/2 deaths every game. Over 200,000 gems earned

I also play mineplex skywars

Over 1.2k wins Over 9000 kills (not a meme reference)

Over 250,000 gems earned

I achieved 2000 elo last badlion season. That’s pretty good.

Over 200 badlion combo wins (jitterclicking op)

When I played quakecraft on hypixel, I had over 50k kills.

I’ve also beaten multiple infamous champions players, and gg10’d some.

Get good y’all.

I don’t kill people too often with melee PvP, but trolling people is just so much more fun :) (like getting stacks of snowballs and then keep hitting them and play not to win, but to troll) trolololol :D
I also like jumping into the void when I’m out-geared out at mid
Wait there’s K/D ob hypixel? Sweet

Almost 1000 wins in micro battle..

Average person is like 200

Smash Fite me


17 Oct 2016 11:57:48 GMT
Depends in what. I’m not gonna fight you on hypixel or mineplex, those servers are soft at PvP and full of hackers. Badlion ftw! :D

Badlion ftw! :D

Badlion is laggy as shit and the pvp is ass (rod kb since season 13 sucks)



18 Oct 2016 01:50:31 GMT
Well I don’t really have anywhere else to play. I would love some suggestions c:
Turf wars recovery win from under 5 bars :o