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So, relatively simple concept - you get 3 [X, Y] points on a screen and you gotta draw a triangle between them (you cannot use graphics libraries - duh...).

If you want that extra level of dafuq, you can also make it take a Z value of the points and figure out the Z values of the points within the triangle :P

For illustration of the [X, Y, Z] idea: (color = depth * 255 for all RG & B)

Good luck! Viper quit without even trying btw :P

@Redempt_ come on you can do this...

Edit by Viper:
Scroll down, I didn't quit...

EDIT: it MUST be order independent!

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meh, why the fuck not, lets try it

I could probably do it, but it would probably take ages cause python graphics...

took me long enough (lol 6 hours) but here it is! WOOT!

when you have no life xD

Took me 4-5 hours, here you go!

Also, I get to brag about it to psrcek because I did it without help.

[Insert bragging here]

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