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Well I can't force you eh.

I'll start with mine:

From left to right, first row: Dayan 2x2 (old plastic), 4x4 mini Aosu, 5x5 Yuxin, Shengshou pyraminx, Qiyi skewb, Yuhu megaminx, Dayan mastermorphix.

Second row, ordered by how much I like each one, ascending: Yuxin 3x3, QiYi Thunderclap, Moyu Hualong, GuoGuan YueXiao, Gans 356 V2, Cong's design MeiYing.

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ill post mine when i get home from holiday c:

Top row, left to right: 2 dollarstore cubes, a Moyu Pyraminx, a Dayan Megaminx, a Shengshou Gigaminx, a Yuxin 6x6, a Yuxin 5x5, a Mini Aosu, a Weilong v2, a Dayan 2x2 and a YJ inequal cube

Now the bottom row, also left to right: a random picture cube, a CubeTwist mirrorblocks, a Dayan Zhanchi, a Gouguan Yuexiao, a Qiyi Skewb <3, an Aolong GT, an, Aolong v2, a Tangpo and a Shengshou Mastermorphix.

How do we do pictures like you did? :(

Like a link, but with an exclamation mark before it.

Thank you Fly :)

So here's my collection


From left to right:

1rst row: Tiny 3x3 Rubik's brand key ring, Zhanchi 3x3, Zhanchi 3x3, Moyu Tanglong, Moyu Aosu mini, Shengshou 5x5, Moyu Skewb.

2nd row: Yuxin 3x3 Mirror blocks, Dayan megaminx ridged, Idontknowthebrand megaminx, Qiyi Square-1.


Hopefully you aren't surprised by my collection...

But here it is,


From back, starting from left to right,

Back: Custom knitted cube I got for graduation (has a little graduation cap!), Shengshou 9x9, Shengshou 8x8, Moyu Cubic AoFu GT 7x7, Yuxin Red 6x6, Yuxin Blue 4x4, Moyu Pyraminx

Middle: Oskar VanDeventer Treasure Chest 3x3, QiYi Skewb, Yuxin 5x5, Moyu BoChuang 5x5, Moyu HuaChuang 5x5, Moyu AoSu 4x4, YJ GuanSu 4x4, YJ YuPo 2x2, Yuxin Mirror Blocks

Front: Moyu Aolong GT, Moyu Aolong V2, GuoGuan Yuexiao, Gans 356s V2, Moyu Weilong GTS, Moyu TangPo 2x2, Another Custom 3x3 from graduation, Yuxin Keychain 3x3

Soooooo yeah.... I have a slight problem xD

my collection

It is so long since I did use them all the time so I don't know half the names now ._.

But they are here even the ones that are unsolved...

PS: I am not a speedcuber, but a collector :P

Well, here's an update to my collection:

I'm gonna list only the cubes that are new:

2nd row, 3rd from left: Moyu Weipo

3rd row, 2nd from left: YJ Fisher cube

Bottom row, from left to right (these are the cubes I got for Christmas): QiYi megaminx, MoHuan ChuFeng, Gans Air, QiYi Valk 3, Moyu Tanglong

lol I lost half of my cubes xD

For some reason I forgot to include the MeiYing in that photo. Oh well.

here i am with
-moyu hualong stickerless 3x3
-yj smartdoors (i think?) 3x3
-both versions of the rubiks brand 3x3
-rubiks brand 4x4 and 5x5
-fanxin pyraminx
-shengshou 2x2

Boxes on the left, On top are two mini 3x3s, one of them is a keychain, and the other has stickers on wrong :/. 2nd layer from left to right, are a transparent YJ Guanlong, for collection purposes, a YJ Guanpo 2x2, and a Yuxin Fire. On the bottom are my old horrible cube, a Qiyi Warrior W, and a Yuxin Lion. I am getting a Gans 356 Air Master. I'll put pics of my Gans 356 Air and my RIP cube when I get the 356. I don't think I will switch my main from the Warrior W, but it will prevent people from getting triggered when I play with cubes.

(posting for my friend)
Yuxin 11x11
Shengshou and yuxin 6x6
yuxin 5x5
yuxin blue 4x4
v cube 4
(No more yuxins)
Moyu and shengshou pyra
yj yuhu megaminx x2
moyu skewb
qiyi square 1
mefforts master skewb and pyraminx
dollar store 3x3
alexander star

now for the 3x3s
Yuexiao x2
GuHong V2
Gans Air UM
Valk 3 x 2
Gans 356s

rubiks brand 2x2 (x2)

EDIT : We forgot his rubiks 3x3

that's all folks

back row, left to right: Blue Dragon Smart Egg, 4 layer Varikon, V-cube 7 :(, 2 Maze Cubes, 24 piece burr, 15 Puzzle, HanaYama Cast Devil?

Middle Row, Left to Right: Lava smart Egg, Gear Ball, V-Cube 5, X Cube, Calvin's Puzzle 3x3x5, Void Cube

Front Row, Left To Right: Skewb Xtreme, Z Carbon Fiber Pyraminx, Tiny 3x3, Small Cheap 3x3, Wacky Woolies 3x3, YJ GuanLong, Cyclone Boys FeiWu?, MF3RS2, Z Carbon Fiber Skewb, ShengShou Master Pyraminx

PS: chapstick is my lube b/c I dont have lube :(


@edtulane fixed your link

I also have a megaminx .-.

Ok here we go:
MoHuanShouShu 2x2
Valk 3
Qiyi WuQue M
Custom made Qiyi WuShuang
Xman Shadow
Qiyi Wuji
MoYu Weidong GTS 3 (one handed)
Xman Galaxy
Moyu Pyraminx
Xman Wingy
Xman Volt

Other stuff:
Moyu LingPo
Moyu WeiPo
2 WitEden 2x2's
Shengshou 2x2
Old Dayan 2x2
Moyu Tangpo

Moyu Aolong v2
Moyu Aolong Gt
Moyu Mini weilong
Moyu Hualong
Moyu Tanglong
Qiyi Thunderclap
Original Yuxin 3x3
Cong's Design YueYing
Dayan Zanchi
Shengshou Aurora
2 Qiyi Sail's
3 Yj Guanglongs
Gan 356 v2
Guoguan Yuxiao
Guoguan Yuxiao pro m
Z Concave 3x3

2 Qiyi WuQue
Moyu Mini Aosu
Yj YuSu
Shengshou 4x4
Yuxin 4x4

Moyu Aochuang
Yuxin 5x5
Moyu Bochuang GT
Shengshou 5x5

Moyu AoShi

Moyu Cubic Aofu GT
Shengshou 7x7

Shengshou Payaminx

Shengshou Skweb
Moyu Skweb
Congs Design Skweb

Calvins Design Sq1
2 Qiyi Sq1
Some random Sq1

Dayan Megaminx
Shengshou Megaminx

LingAo Clock


Shengshou 10x10
Calvins 4x4x6 (LE)
Cubice 1x1
Calvins Twist 3x3

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