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Hey guys this is Tadhg or Aber. If you dont know, I like to edit videos, redstone showcases and stuff like that. I am wondering if anyone has a small build that they would like edited. Please know that even though I like editing, they are not as amazing as @ABakedCookie and @LogicraftRS ! If you are interested; I use After Effects CC 2015 (I’m a pirate!) ==I am doing this to help the community, I AM NOT ADVERTISING== The completed project doesnt have to be uploaded to my channel if you do not want that. It can be uploaded to yours (if you have one) The reason I am asking for other builds is because I am a shit redstoner xD Staff: If you have any concerns with this put them in the comments and I can delete this. If you would like to contact me about this please skype me at: tadhg.boyo1 OR say so in the comments! -tadhg
SOrry idk
I have tons of builds on my plot, if you need stuff to edit ==/p h:3 psrcek== and ==/p h:2 psrcek== :P oh, id like to see my 1 wide 3x3 showcased, if you don’t know what to showcase, its behind the seven segment display on plot 3 :P
Thanks psrcek! I’ll get to that when I’m finished my project for Phan
Eeeedit for me.
want me to help you?
@Nyxis Ummm. I dont speak Nyx, so I cant help you :/ @Mr_RedSheep I’m making an edit for @PhantomChampion at the moment, but that would be nice :3
Edit for me bb.

I heard my name…

My edits < Nyx’s and KP’s edits honestly (and a lot of other great editors)

And if you ever need any practice, I have a bananadoar! C:

I don’t edit kp level, shaddup :<
I’m sure there’s some stuff on my plots you could edit for. I won’t say anything about uploading to my channel though untill you finish your edit.
Hey, they’re better than if I tryed aber! (haha, movie maker) Also, try out Da Vinci Resolve 12, I heard they use that in Hollywood, and it’s free (grrr, 32 bit drives me up the wall, since more than half of my ram is useless, so I can’t record that good, also camera studio refuses to work)