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If you try to reply in a thread where the last reply was created over 1 or 2 months ago, it should show a pop up warning the user that it could be necroposting and give you a chance to cancel the creation. Note that it doesn't completely block them from doing it, it just warns them and gives them a chance to not create it.

This would allow for new members of the forums to be a little more aware about it, since there's no obvious sign of a rule against necroposting until someone actually points it out. And if course by that point, it's too late. However, this would also allow people who actually have something useful to add to still be able to add it.

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People have this obsessive need to point out every necropost but in doing that they too are necroposting. I don't see why you want to automate that

+1 Even though I agree with Doom, I think this should be implemented as a warning.

Doom it would be nothing more than a "Are you sure you want to erase all your data" confirmation, not "automating replies to point out necroposts". It would tell the user: "Hey, what you are about to do there is potentially breaking the rules, are you sure that you want to do it anyways?" and thereby (hopefully) reduce the amount of necroposts ;)

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And at the same time, there should be caps lock protection and spam protection on the server.

Well, Nyx, that would require the dev team to establish a set of conditions to determine what counts as caps and what does not. This is easier said than done. For example, based purely on percentage, this message:


is 100% caps, which should be terrible, right? However, this is often perfectly fine.

Even if you take the length of the message into account, an algorithm for preventing caps is still very difficult to create. For example, how would you protect against


but not protect against


The first message contains more characters than the second message, but has a smaller percentage of capital letters than the second message. This makes the second message seem worse than the first, even though the first message is what I would consider an abuse of caps.

In other words, in order to properly protect against caps, you would need an algorithm that is capable of deciphering language and understanding context, and if the dev team made that, they would have a lot more than just an anti-caps bot.

And more on topic, +1!

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Well loyal, since you mentioned it, +1

I blame you for this if it becomes a thing

Am I the only one that isn't annoyed by necroposting? While I don't think this would hurt it seems a little pointless to me :p

+1 - Keeps people from Necroposting.
-1 - Some post that people say are Necroposting really aren't.

If this were to happen then say: "Warning this MAY be a Necropost, which is against the rules. Do you want to send anyway?".

I know, that was my thought of what the actual message should be.

Little late, but HELL YES


If the thread is below one week old, the necropost warning will not appear and and if it's over a week, there should be a necropost warning

+1 Anyways


Code is completed, waiting for implementation

Fucking solved.

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