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As a developer I find it interesting how other people learn and use programming, for me it was quite simple, I just hung around with minecraft developers until I started to think this would be useful in later life as a skill so I started to do website developing in the Github pages that use jekyll, which I found was fun and had endless possibilities,... and then I figured out that it needed to me cross-browser compatible... that ruinied my day.

So I simply ask you to leave a little story about how you got into programming and general coding :-)


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I figured I wanted to program really and with redstoner, we coded in python so I started a python course on
And later I also started to play around with java with more talented friends.

When i was 10 i found an old ZX spectrum in my dads junk, it was broken (memory chip issues, and some old ripped ribon cabels) Fixed it and i played around with it, it was fun so thats how i got into computer engineering :)

Well, I have started with computers early. I mean really early. I used an old computer from my dad when I was six years old - then like writing stuff in wordpad, painting in paint, etc... Then I got "better". In elementary school (I'm from germany) we had this computer workgroup, but I didn't participate (4th grade for me) I tought it. =) I don't even quite know how I got to coding, but, I'm currently in the 8th grade, and even teachers (!) ask me to help them with computer problems ;D. We also have a computer club at my school - where we get to code and work with computers. The first "bit" of coding I ever did, was to create fake error msgs on windows to prank people :P. Then I did some veery basic bash and started with python. Then I learnt java from a book (for all you germans out there: (this might sound funny but it really helped.). Java then became my favorite and best language. I liked mine craft then too - so I started working with servers. I used bukkit a lot and set up some servers for friends. I thought of programming bukkit plugins, and learnt that via youtube. A simple /fly-plugin was my first. A while after, I started with mods. This is kinda where I am today.

I thought it was a cool concept at the time and my dad was making websites so i taught myself batch

I just decided one day, "I'm Bored, Ima learn Programming!" And I learned C# on my mums windows. Once that borke, I got my own mac, and I couldnt find an IDE for C#, So I learned Javeh instead!!

similar to rubix, I was told about HTML by a friend, so i went onto Codecademy (this will link peeps right to the HTML course) and i learnt from there, my uncle downloaded Python on my pc, and taught me the basics of python

>>> print("Hello world :D")
Hello world :D

I later began learning js, got bored of that after a day. I'm also gonna ruby soon. thats my story :D


:o first ever code block! :D

My dad is a computer programmer for a living, and at 6 i got interested at what he was doing. He started to explain to me basics of HTML, like , but I didn't get the hang of it.


My dad is lying down on the couch doing some coding that looked completely different from HTML! I was shocked, so I asked him about it. He said it was "Cascading StyleSheets" and that I was too young to understand it yet. I tried to persuade him, and eventually, he showed me how it works. It was easy, I told him. Then we decided to start learning HTML again. He had an old copy of an HTML4 tutorial book, and bought me BBEdit on my computer, so I learned from that. I then wrote a bunch of HTML files that linked to each other in my computer, effectively making a "website" on my computer. (note that, like most people, at this point i did start learning from Codecademy) My dad saw this and decided to get me a domain of my own, so we uploaded the files there and simplified the code. Thats when I learned SQL.

My dad introduced me to SQL and PHP, so I went around the net to look for a tutorial on each. I stumbled upon w3schools which had the easiest tutorials i could find. They even had PHP!

So I made my website function, now you can sign up, and log in. I'm currently working on encrypting the database (thanks Computerphile !), XSS-proofing the SQL, and logging out.

EDIT: website logging in / signing up isnt working, im fixing it right away, detected the problem already :)

I simply watched this video, I basically worship that person, so I got immediately interested when I saw it:

Like a lot of people here, I got interested in coding at a young age. My uncle was a computer programmer at our local hospital so I was interested listening to him talking to me about it. One day I was at my Mom's shop and looked at a tutorial on 'How to make a website' from there I used to get a better understanding of HTML and I eventually learned CSS and a bit of JS from that website. Since then I've taught my friend HTML but he has yet to learn css! on other notes I know a bit about a ton of other languages like python, ruby, bootstrap (learned from w3schools) and java. Out of those four I've done the best with Java making plugins for servers. The best plugin I have made was a /fly plugin. I know it's easy but that's the best I've learned. Right not I'm trying to learn more JS and bootstrap a bit.

EDIT: Learning angular js too:D

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