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Basically, the bar at the top that says "Home/News/Info/Forums/Users/Donate" will move down if you scroll down. This way, you don't have to scroll all the way back up to click one of the buttons.

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Reason: It takes a max of 1-2 secs to go back up, and at least on mobile it gives more room for the actual forums content.

+1 There's plenty of space for content, the bar is pretty small.

I would like it, it's a really small change in css and has a big useful impact, it takes ages to scroll back up on mobile when therems long posts in a thread...


It doesn't take much space, serves a good purpose and saves time (especially on longer threads). Oh, also, it looks pretty sweet and "professional" too. If it takes too much space on your phone, you maybe shouldn't use a 3" phone to browse forums.

I would say that if this were to be implemented, the navbar should at least be compacted to take up less vertical space whenever it's stickied to the top... does require some JS but would at least be more workable on mobile.

Sebbe, I'm using a 5.5" quad-hd screen, and it takes about 17.6% of the page at best, and 19.6% at worse. For comparison it takes as much room as one single line reply. I also agree with logal's point from before he changed his reply. I also always hated it, it looked bad in my opinion. Also, "saves time" at max that saves 1-2 secs, no matter what device you use. So, unless you can add this within minutes, then I think there are better features devs should actually be working on. Remember this post. It was denied because it only saved a few Seconds(and it was almost useless), however this will save even less time. If it is added, please don't put it on mobile.

@minenash hmm.. Didn't think about it until you mentioned it, but it does take some space. However, just making the font smaller would solve that problem (when it's sticked). Sure, it doesn't take that long to scroll up and change. But it's kind of more efficient. Makes the experience more smooth.

Anyway, if it gets called off, I won't mind. It's not a LOT of work to scroll up to the top. But if in a smaller font, taking less space; It would be pretty nice to have.

You could only make it display if the mouse is near the top of the page

mouse... on mobile...

I agree with logal, this should be pc only.

I wish for stuff like this, there was a way to disable.

I made a PR for it :P

Oh yeah, I agree with Logal/Dico. Hopefully you included that in your pull request, @Futsy ?

I didn't, because I don't know of a way to test it on mobile before it is on the site ._.

But it's most useul on mobile ._. Scrolling on pc takes like no time but on mobile it takes aaaaages... Also it takes basically no space. So why focus on making this toggleable and not just on, instead of focusing on more important issues than this, like the inconsistency that exists on mobile devices. Like changing text sizes and similar, sometimes the text is like 40ppt, I can display a whole one reply per page - if that isn't a problem then why is losing 10% of the screen?

I just want to say that even though this feature request sounds easy, it wasn't.

First I needed to go through a 1028 lines of CSS to find the thing I needed to edit (that was the easiest part since it was on line 84-139), then when I thought I fixed it every page on the whole site was fucked up. When I found the CSS classes that the different pages used and tried adding what I thought would work it just shows that it didn't. So I made a new class and added that to every single view page/file there is on the website (I know that isn't a big job, but then I have allready been sitting with this, firstly trying to figure it out by just editing the CSS file a few hours yesterday, then a hour or so today. Then after that actually find the problem and fix it.)

So for the people that don't want it on mobile or want it to be toggleable can you please do it yourself or wait until other more important stuff have been added?

The only reason I did this now was that it seemed easier than it was and that I wanted to have a little fun with the CSS :P

The only "downside" IMO is that I actually added so that the bar under the "menu" where you can log in and/or out is actually also following down when you scroll ._.

If I had an opinion before, I'm changing it to -1. Instead, make an option to make the page use a lot less data for mobile.

well nyx, this is allready happening so no need to change your opinion/vote now :P

Ok, don't implement it until someone's made a toggle feature. Simple...?

If this will be toggleable, then add it in mobile too, for those who don't want it, disable it.

Sorry I should have read that

Please just read my reply and see what I have written there, if you are to lazy to read the whole reply, here is the thing I am thinking about:

So for the people that don't want it on mobile or want it to be toggleable can you please do it yourself or wait until other more important stuff have been added

I would rather not have this feature at all, then be forced to use it. So I agree with pj, where this feature just shouldn't be released until it's added. Doesn't mean you can't work on other features while we all wait for someone to code the togal.

I have made this feature now and will work on the toggle next :P

Okay just wondering, where would the togal be?

I don't know yet :P

Code is completed, waiting for implementation

Fucking solved.

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