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So anyone who has been on in the past month will remember when my internet died...

During this time I had to do single player redstone...

it was shit

So i was wondering if some coders wanted something to do they could make a mod with the redstoner plugins.Of course this wouldn't include the multiplayer ones like /plotme ect.
But instead would have the ones like /toggle and worldedit.

I find this would be useful to a variety of poeple.EpMech

Ps.sry if this is in the wrong thread, it has to do with coding soo yeah

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There's already worldedit, and someone has mistakenly used their singleplayer worldedit in multiplayer. Also, MCEdit is a thing.

As nyx said, WE is a thing for SP already. Also you can use nbt data to get upside-down slabs, filled cauldrons, pistons that will be placed in a certain direction every time... The list goes on. Basically everything you can do already, just not as convenient :P

ok i'll close da thread

No solve it the issue (singleplayer worldedit) has a solution

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