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So I got bored in class at school when I finished all my work super early, and I decided to write Pong in JavaScript. I wrote about half of it there and then finished it when I got home:

My high score so far is 20.

21 replies.

Lol, I tried to do it with my phone
Best score: 4

Nice, Viper! I got 20 as well :P

Joke's on you, I got 28 (now 31)

Slap you back to China

i got


so many nemmes he he he


That's so old and was never funny to begin with

Whoever made 21 was probably retarded

(Like the 9+10 thing)

Best 10 on phone.

Imma get 50 on phone
IT SOOOO FUCKING ANNOYING with my towering hands over the screen..

13 on phone #HyPE

To be honest I only played one round.

I can't even play it on my phone ._.

@Redempt I only played like twice

i played 30 rounds :P

@Redempt I guess I could finally learn how to program games in JS without any libraries.

Step 1: Stop using JS
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit

@Pepich1851 It's the only language I know. I also know a bit of Java, but nobody ever explained to me how to use Java for something other than printing stuff into console. With JS, I at least have a visual output window - that is the browser - where I can display far more than just plain text. If you know of a good tutorial that teaches you how to make Java programs with actual graphics and stuff, then I'm one ear.

I recommend C# and for 3D using the XNA extension for it. Really easy and intuitive (at least for the 2D part) and I can help you there if you want me to :)

Java and C# are very similar

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