My point of view on the Microsoft rumor as well as why I think everyone at Mojang is being quiet... (Thought I should post this here too...)

Off topicMinecraft related → My point of view on the Microsoft rumor as well as why I think everyone at Mojang is being quiet... (Thought I should post this here too...)

I might as well put up my opinion on this thing, since it’s spreading like a wildfire right now. Right now, this is just a rumor, and people seem to be blowing it way out of proportion. There has been absolutely no confirmation from either Mojang or Microsoft on this, and I’m not about to trust a news source that says they got info from “a person with knowledge on the matter”. That person could be anyone, even a troll who decided to make up a rumor to stir up even more drama than we have already.

That being said, it is most likely a rumor at this point, Microsoft has probably said nothing because they probably have a ‘don’t reply to any rumors’ policy in place, and as for Notch, I can’t blame him for staying quiet about this, if he was to say anything, he would definitely be harassed, yelled at, and given death threats, which is not cool at all.

Now more onto the point about death threats. If people are sending death threats to Mojang and Notch, what is that going to achieve? I know not everyone is doing this but for the people who are doing it, stop. You aren’t helping anyone by sending them and you are only making things worse for the whole community.

This is the same for the people who are harassing Notch and Mojang over the EULA as well as issues with bukkit, you can hate Mojang all you want, but if you harass them directly then why should you expect a response from them? I know that their PR skills are sub-par, as I mentioned on my previous post, but they have done absolutely nothing to deserve the level of hate and harassment they have gotten lately.

Moving on to the main point, as I said earlier this whole thing is just a rumor, and tons of speculation is making this whole thing spiral out of control. If this does happen to be true, would I want Microsoft buying Mojang? Heck no, I love how mojang has gotten as far as they have by themselves. But of course, if Notch is just not talking right now, you can’t blame him or the rest of Mojang for it.

And most of all, we as the community, should be more vocal about defending Mojang. What is going on with the way part of the community is treating them is completely unfair and unjust. I’m not saying Mojang hasn’t made mistakes in the past, they have. I’m not saying you can’t voice your concerns about some of their decisions, you can. But taking it to such an extreme level like death threats won’t and never will be good for the community.

Have you put that on reddit again?
No, since last time they didn’t care about my point and only cared about the grammar, besides I usually just get downvoted for posting things like this (no reason why) its on twitter though.
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My account on reddit is bitcodermc (like my youtube, and my twitter, and my git… you get the idea…)

I honestly don’t know either, I’d post it to /r/minecraft but I would prefer to avoid it being buried in the microsoft rumor megathread they made, so I might try on /r/admincraft only this time.

That and why spend 2.5 billion $ to ruin a game? XD