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10 Nov 2016 00:57:46 GMT

Is there any way to do a 360° screenshot in minecraft that would be compatible with Google’s Custom Street View Panoramas JS API ? I don’t know the name of this particular image “arrangement”/“format” (the 360 panoramas saved as a normal plain image), but here’s what it should look like: Panorama example

Of course, I know that I will need a mod, that’s not a problem at all, but I’d like it to be compatible with 1.10.* Thank you !

Edit: I know that I can probably do this with a few screenshots taken from different angles and then use Photoshop (I’m more into GIMP, especially for the price) to join the images, but it could end up with weird looking panoramas, and I need to take a lot of them.

Replay mod
Phones can do that irl now too

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10 Nov 2016 12:17:53 GMT

I feel stupid, I knew that the Replay mod could do 360 video, but I never thought of using it to do screenshots, thank you to all of you :p

Edit: If you’re interested, this kind of “image arrangement/format” is called an Equirectangular projection, I found it on the Replay Mod’s docs page

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