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Microsoft has bought Mojang today, I have some mixed feelings about this, so I don’t really know if this will be good, or bad. What do you guys think?
Since when was Microsoft involved??????
i think its bad
#Sales=0.000001Accounts a day

I think that it has up and down sides.

The ups is that Microsoft have a bigger audience and can make it more compatable with xbox and other consoles.

While the downsides is that I don’t think they will add new stuff so often and I don’t think they will releas weekly snapshots like Mojang did.

Just a little note, Microsoft isn’t really ‘in charge’ of the development of minecraft, everyone from Mojang as far as I’ve heard is staying to continue development of the game. Except the people who own the company. So snapshots and stuff like that should stay the same, of course Microsoft will have a bit of a say in stuff but I really am not gonna speculate on Microsoft’s motives and goals. At least, we can be happy we didn’t get sold off to EA.

Since when was Microsoft involved??????

You don’t keep up with the news do you..?

If we got sold to EA it was just going to be online and had to purchase everything xD
@Nightshade32 Nope I don’t :P