Microsoft can't wreck THIS community

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Guys chill, its just my opinion but I think that Microsoft aren’t gonna screw us up. Think about it… Notch left because he was sick of the hate and responsibility of owning such a huge game. Sure… Microsoft won’t have an issue with responsibility, but the hate they get is gonna be huge if they mess us up. I also am alarmed about the changes that will be made, but chin up lads, they aren’t just owning a game or a company, they’re owning a large amount of people’s favourite game that some people depend on. For example, think about youtubers with all these subscribers, and companies like Bukkit, they won’t lose their jobs and just sit there. My point is, I’m sure we’ll be fine because if we’re not, Microsoft are stuck with a problem. Don’t hate unless you put it politely :D and it is just an reassuring opinion,
I agree
i onlt red half but i agree
Microsoft isn’t changing the game, the old Mojang employees are. Microsoft is just funding it and taking the money.


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