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Try to get your cube (any cube, idc) to have no two of the same color next to each other

I managed to do it, I'll post screenshots soon, but it is harder than it seems :)

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That was umm... Yeah as hard as about 3s

oh yea :/
forgot about that
@Pepich1851 try to do it without that pattern >:)

"challenge" I'd have done exactly what pep did, lol

@C2Lredstone post your solution xDDD

@c2l hahahaha

Idea: Do [R2 U2] * 3 then an x or x' turn then [R2 U2] * 3 then a y or y' turn then [R2 U2] * 3

there you go

@aHardDerp will do, just need to move the photo from my phone to kompootr

@C2Lredstone aHardDerp in my alt... He gets triggered every email he gets from people here

not checkerboard: SUPERFLIP

idk the alg tho

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