TSV Nether Portal glitches

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In my opinion its easier to make a video about this than type it into the problems and bugs report form, so i hope its comprehensible enough. [yt:V4Y6rr7P6oY]
It kinda makes sense that it misplaces the player. This prevents the netger portal trap and causes less issues, if it was intentional.
doesnt make any sense at all, the places(and the way) he gets teleported to…


13 Feb 2017 12:30:32 GMT
I’ve realised this too with Rman’s portal. There’s also some issue with it spawning player a few blocks in the air which, without armor, does quite a bit of damage
This happened in SV too.
PS I’m in this video :D
@Aquarius25 Double necropost


18 Feb 2017 13:23:19 GMT
Not exactly necropost, Nyx. He’s pointing out that this happens in sv too, which is relevant to the post if you ask me. Also, does anybody know if the bug is fixed yet?
This bug hasn’t been fixed yet. I just got teleported into netherrack with no portal in sight. xD