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I have 0 experience or knowledge of programming. I want to learn how to code because in the future its going to be an extremely valuable skill to have and because you can do a lot of cool stuff with coding. Since a lot of people on Redstoner are good at coding, I figured this would be a great place to ask: How did you guys learn to code? What did you guys use to learn? What should/could I do to learn to code and what is the best way? How long did it take you to learn your first programming language?

Again, I have no experience with programming and any response is appreciated.


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start with Just BASIC, it sounds shit but it's what I started with and it's really easy

it's nothing like java, but it can just show you some basics ;)

If you are interested in making bukkit plugins, just tell me and I'll give you some basics.

A lot of people started with a course over at codecademy
The python course is often a good place to start.

^ That's a good place to start

If you're interested in Java/Javascript, but find anything non-graphical boring, then you could try Processing.

It's a Java library + working environment. You type a few lines of code and already have colorful moving circles on the screen. I have programmed many interactive things and games with it.

Also, if you're more interested in javascript, then there's a similar library, but for javascript, called p5.

Once I have some knowledge of a language, I look at an advanced, well-written program and dissect it until I totally understand it. It's great for learning the language, and also for learning how to write good code.

Thanks for all the responses and advice. I think Im going to start with what Dico said and try some things that Tsskyx suggested.

Thanks @Yummy_ ! I actually have also wanting to learn some programing too. Good advice!

if you are interested in making games with code, unity is a great place to start

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