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UHC for Trusted and up. Reverse Replies

I was just thinking, and thought it would be a cool idea if we did an event on redstoner where Trusted and up play UHC. Maybe have a sign up? Just a thought. what are you guys' opinions on this?

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Also idk about the 1.11 pvp, that might make me one of the worst players :(


I love this idea, I was actually going to request it a few weeks ago, but thought it would be too hard to set up for the staff.

+1 Even though I've never played UHC and I don't know how to play.

C'mon lets get the times setup for North America and Europe!

Hope I don't forget

So does it counts Builder or Builder+

"UHC for Trusted", builder != Trusted+

Yo, is there a planned time for this yet? I'd really like to take part :P

I think it should be builder+ because I really don't think there would be enough people if it was trusted+

Builder would be unreliable as there have been plenty of builders that ended up harming the server. Also the name trusted has a meaning "trusted"

There would be many people if it was Trusted+.

UHC sounds like an amazing idea, although I doubt I would be able to find the time. +1

+1 for UHC for Builders and up

Sorry if late reply but +1 from me!

very late reply but dat ok rite


As for it being builder+, my view is that builders gain this rank from building, and not from being trusted. If builder rank is also gained from having quite a bit of trust, yeah - let's add builders into dis thing!

Idk anything about UHC except for it stands for Ultra Hardcore ¯_(ツ)_/¯ So... is there PvP, VS, or is it commoonitee?

Speaking of people who quite like the idea of UHC for Builders+, why don't we do the same thing like on survival, and have a Trusted UHC, and a Member+ UHC?


Anyways I set up some google forms where anyone who wants to enter can submit their name, and if they feel like it help me with designing and scheduling it. Name is required, the rest is a "nice to have and if you answer them I'll move you up in the queue" type of thing. Would just be nice if I had like some general overview of what people actually want. VOOOOOTE HEA NAU!!1!oneONEOnE1!

. STOP . VOTING . FOR . 1.9 . PVP .

1.9 Pvp is best Pvp.

^ wrong, 1.8 Pvp is best Pvp.

Wrong, everything that isn't Minecraft PvP, is best PvP.

What if people join in and hack? Kill someone then get banned? Will the person that gets killed be put back in?

If someone decides to "hack" (fucks sake guys. It's cheating. Hacking is an art. It requires skill, patience, knowledge of many things and barely anyone knows how to actually do it. What you mean is cheating, by using mods to gain an unfair advantage.) cheat then they will get banned from the server. Which should make it quite undesirable for anyone to attempt cheating at uhc, I don't know of any trusted that would cheat at uhc just to get banned from stoner. Or any builder for that matter either. If however it does happen I'll happily freeze the game, analyze what happened and roll it back to a few seconds before the kill happened. Yes, for everyone, that way it stays fair. If we notice the cheating before it has any bad impact on anyone, it'll just be a ban for the cheater without anything further happening in the actual game

NOTE: If we're doing teams, my team gotta be able to use comms on ts/discord/skype. Don't wanna end up with people who cant comm without standing still and typing in the middle of a fight.

EDIT: if you wanna team with me just @me or msg me on slack or skype or smth

I would love to play a UHC, solo or teams, but if we do teams, I hope someone would want to be in a team with me xD

If you want to participate, please fill out the form.

I did that already @Pepich1851

Why would builders not be able to participate? Or even members? UHC doesn't take more than 2 hours or so, it's just an event.
I don't see us ever getting enough trusteds online to have a decent UHC (~20 players)

EDIT: I guess you can play UHC with 8 players. I'm derp

From the sign up sheet:

My rank (if you are builder or lower, feel free to participate - if enough people are there I might set it up for more ranks too)

The initial idea was to make it UHC for trusted because that'd make it something special for them. However seeing the poll results, I only got 12 participants combined, making both a team uhc for all ranks and a solo uhc for trusted only impossible. What we could do is solo UHC FFA, or 4 teams 3 players, 6 teams 2 playeres team UHC FFA. Oooor we get more people to participate. Then we might be able to do the 6 teams 3 players that everyone wants.

I have set up a binding sign up form here. Please take the time to put in your name and check what you want to play. If not enough people participate, we can't do this.

For those that haven't seen this one yet, here's the first form

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