Maintenance? (April 12th 2017)

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This is just a short thread about me asking. Is the server down for maintenance right now? (For you)

Apparently, Redstoner, Zomb’s server, and some other servers are down for maintenance. But the weird thing is, while Redstoner and some other servers are down for maintenance, huge servers such as Hypixel still could be accessed with ease.

I have tried:

  • Refreshing
  • Re-opening my minecraft

If the server is not down, how shall I fix this “bug”?

EDIT: It is up now.

It was a message that’s been on the mc launcher for like a week…they were updating their database.
Adding onto what @logal said, I think (after asking around on hypixel is) that Hypixel just allowed cracked/offline accounts to function; but only users who joined hypixel before, from their databases.