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SOLVED TSV //Schem, and //Copy Reverse Replies

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Feature idea: Give Trusteds in tsv access to //copy, //schem, and the ability to use a wooden axe as a Wand.

Why its good: I Think this is a good idea because most of us who play TSV put a LOT of work into it, and I think it would be good to be able to copy our builds into CR/TR, and/or save them as schematics.

I Also think its not a good idea to add this into regular SV because some mone-trusted players might use it to search for dungeons/ores.

I Hope ive explained my idea well enough, leave any suggestions in the thread!


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My point is that people can abuse world edit, but it wouldn't be much more efficient than normal mining, and it would be fairly easy to catch them.
So, +1 from me.

^ Basically sums up my opinion.

But, the only world edit commands anyone could use were //copy and //schem, so they couldn't actually edit the world, only save things from it. So if you're worried about cheating it wouldn't really be possible.

Done a week or two ago. SOLVED

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