Villagers dissapearing in TSV

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I’ve had 3 villagers disappear for no reason earlier today, 2 of them were in an enclosed room without any doors, or any way for zombies to kill them.

What did you expect? To see my villagers.

What actually happened? They were gone

How can we reproduce this problem? not sure, maybe keep villager(s) outside of mob despawn range relative to player.

This is what the room looked like:


Also, A While ago, Tatl told me something similar happened to him., most of the villagers in his base disappeared.

==EDIT:== Another thing I forgot to mention, One of the villagers had a nametag, which makes this even more strange.

i forgot how to format images pls help

bump. It also seems to appear in normal sv. I have been to 3 different freshly generated villages (Floating cactus, suffocating donekys, no broken doors are good proof), and there seem to be comepletely no villagers.

EDIT: Okay this bug definitely exist, I found villages tens of thousands blocks away from spawn and none of them has villagers.

SECOND EDIT: Okay, the server seems to remove all villagers. I convert a zombie villager to a villager but it disapperaed once it turned into a villager.

And now no-one can build a trading hall. :'(