Messing with the observer texture

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so what i did is this

does any1 read dis

there’s an arrow on the dark side of the observer (so you know the observer’s direction from any face) and it gets lit when the observer is pulsing, just like a repeater.

Nice! :)
Mojang needs to reconsider the observer design lol
I shall now make it so the observer winks when he gets a signal xd
Tuong mind if you post the .json files? Trying to do something similar myself, isn’t working.


it’s pretty much the vanilla json file, the only thing i changed is the last line of the big matrix from [ 0, 0, 16, 16 ] to [ 16, 0, 0, 16 ]


again, i did not do much, just added the "side": "blocks/observer_side_lit" observer_side_lit being the name of the png i added to the textures folder

that’s all i did