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12 Oct 2017 19:25:14 GMT

“Ahem” - This kid every 5 seconds

That shit got on my nerves and I had to stop watching

the video quality alone was enough to get me to stop watching @Annyeonghaseyo

When you have nothing good to make so you build something someone else made and showcase it even though they made a better version and already have a showcase video on it and you just want views.




12 Oct 2017 22:23:18 GMT

wtf just watched another video of his


At 2:06 - “I made it extremely compact”

[Edit] At 3:11 - “It’s very resource friendly”

“it’s such an honor to teach redstone”

i wanna die

Watching him spam the door actually made me cringe. AHEM Also love the 16:9 aspect ratio WITH black bars. AHEM

I’m done

Then again it is still a little kid having fun making videos.

Makes me feel good that I never copied other’s building for my channel.

Also, that thumbnail and the replies tells me that this video may contain much cringe.

if @Dico200 sees this… OMG