Using /lol shuold not be possible while afk.

RedstonerProblems & bugs → Using /lol shuold not be possible while afk.

It is currently possible to use /lol while afk. That does not make sense.
i can confirm lol does not make you unafk
and of course, because we’re on redstoner, this sort of shit immediately follows it @BPhineas

I don’t even really know what the conversation was about at that point. Paradonicc’s quote was sort of funny tho.

I need to be active again and build more shits.

+1 to that being a lol :)

As for the actual topic of this thread, I agree that /lol should make you unafk. +1 Sometimes when I un-afk I do /lol, which makes people wonder why a dead Falconflight suddenly became alive for a second and then afk-ed again.