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how about we switch to legacy names for like a month, that would be dope. what i mean is the names we had before the name changes existed. e.g.: tuong would be valsim72.

just thought this would be a nice idea, and please do comment if you change your IGN

I’d like to contribute, but mine would just be shroomyoe with a lowercase ‘s’.
I’d like to contribute but I’ve never changed my name :')
Never name changing master race o/
I’m never going back YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!!
I would but my name was and still is Hardfg5000 :p
aight i’mma change my name back soon
I’m a little late, but i was known as Redstone987, I changed it to aswdfzxcvbghtyyn. I plan to change it back to Redstone987 for personal reasons, and when i wanna see an update on another server, i cant because I reach the maximum amount of names for their database for logins.