Inventory glitch... Again!!!

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I was mining and people in sv wanted to sleep so I went to cr to a minute then back to sv. when I logged back on, my inventory was set back to yesterday and I had my old stuff. yesterday I gave my wither skull and op pickaxe to my friend. but I got those back! therefore duping them. I would like LogalDeveloper to help me with this issue because he helped me yesterday.
No1 can really know if this is real. Might aswell be an attempt to get free stuff. You should make screenies of your stuff before you leave.

Burger.. he’s legit telling how he already has the items twice, not asking to get something back facedesk

Anyways Christofqrt duping sounds like it could easily be exploited so I think it would’ve been better if you posted it in exploitable bugs

runs away for another 2 months

Right i cant read for shit
@D0an you can’t really exploit it if you don’t control it
yesterday I moved out of my house on sv to live with my friends. but whenever I log back on it will spawn me in at my old house with my inventory from that time. regardless of where I logged out. Is there a chance that when you gave my stuff back yesterday, that you made it so whenever I log back on, I will be given that current data?(i.e. inventory and location)
lol nope
nope, I spawned in the special spot with the special inventory
also you kinda got an inventory to recover
Is this solved now?