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What feature do you want?

A new command: /tflipflop, or /tff, in the abbreviated form. Basically, after you run this command, you will be able to select a button (like you do when you set up a /ds on an input) and make it act as a lever, so if you click the button, it'll stay pressed, and if you click again, it'll turn off. Of course, if you redo the same action on an /tff'd button, it'll have the original behaviour again.

Why do you think it's a good idea?

Well, in my opinion, and probably not only mine, buttons are way better looking than levers. So, I think this would help players making their stuff look fancier.

Tell me your opinion about this! :)

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good idea for /tff but when you press button in chat write this button is a tff

I would recommend the tff to have a set cooldown so no one can spam it, or leave that to ds idk.

I don't really see the need for this. Levers work fine and t-flip-flop buttons would probably just confuse people.

why don't you just make your own tflipflop?...

like, why not just use a lever?

-1 Build a tff. Although to debate the point of "why not use a lever". Symbolically, a button either turns something on for a short time, OR it changes the state of something. Levers are on or off. In some contraptions the pure difference of the rs turning on OR off is what triggers the mehnisum, and having a input device that conveys the meaning of off/on may not be suitable.

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