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a way to chat ingame through the website.
No idea how you would do this but I just want it so I dont have to launch mc.

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I mentioned something similar to Nem before, would be quite cool. +1

+1! It could be done with dynmap idk if it's been updated, but i do remember the plugin. It was kinda hard to set it up but for the staff it would probably be a piece of cake

Dynmap sounds like the worst idea ever for this. That's just a giant waste of resources for something that can be done way easier if you put in a tiny bit of coding effort...

I love being lazy.

@Pepich1851 i was just saying with what it can be done, not that it should be done with it XD

I was working on that for a while but it almost drove me insane, so gl to Local if he wants to attempt it.

This isn't marked as anything yet and I don't know if this is being worked on or not, but +1 anyway.

+1 because IRC

+1 because I never play the game anymore and this would be great to communicate with people

PickaxeChat and Minechat is a thing.
+1 anyway

@GWJD unfortunately, PickaxeChat is only available on Android devices, and I, and probably a lot of people, will never spend 3 euros for Minesh*t... This feature is actually really useful.

+1 Pleaase do it that could be soo cool

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