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Hey owner and staff members of, I like to tell you something. There was a member on YouTube I watch which has joined your services. He said he got banned for using redstone trying to crash the server, one of the staff members said something about DDOS. What the f***?! I would recommend looking at how DDOS works and about redstone attempting to crash the server, you can set enable-redstone in the server config which will disable redstone if you that paranoid, I used to think someone is hacking my network/crashing my clients if its SA-MP or MineCraft because it crashes/lags which sounds like you peoples.

The link to the video is: - Title: MINECRAFT DRAMA - TRIGGERED REDSTONE SERVER (

Proof of me thinking someone is on my network displayed below: <MRNATEGEEK> What the f*** is going on?! Did someone hacked my network?

Source: Log from’s IRC - Global - #lvp - GTA-Net

I have searched what is DDOS is on Google: In computing, a denial-of-service attack is a cyber-attack in which the perpetrator seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host connected to the Internet.

I just don’t see how using redstone marks as a theft to crash the server even with the smallest redstone projects, I can see how with big projects.

I’m very confused by what you actually mean here. We’re VERY much aware of what happened with FitMC. It was not redstone related, rather he had his audience join en masse which caused a lot of lag. We also know what DDoSing is (and I believe we have some form of protection), and we have no need to disable redstone. Could you maybe clear this up?
Are you f*** serious?!


18 May 2018 13:36:11 GMT
Dude the ShitMC situation is waaaaay behind us by this point. We don’t care about it anymore, and never really will. Redstone was nothing related to the lag he caused, he had approx. 600 of his stream viewers join at once, causing large lag to the server. As PJ said, we have no need to disable redstone, we are a redstone server afterall. If you think what I said is incorrect, please make it clearer what you’re trying to say, because I honestly have no clue, the formatting of your post is terrible.

From what I remember, he tried to crash servers by getting his entire stream audience to join them. And we didn’t really appreciate that. Then he tried the same thing again and failed big time and we had a good laugh.

But that’s more than a year ago, case closed.

Also @MRNATEGEEK what are you trying to achieve with this post

Oh! I just twigged that this might be about the DDoS thing, particularly in relation to Barry. Barry was not actually staff at that point, and he had gone a bit overboard over the whole situation. He’s the person that Fit talks about in the video that sparked the “triggered” thing, and his views were not what were more widely held by the majority of our players and especially our staff members. Hope this helps.

Also, maybe put this kind of thing in Ask Staff next time @MRNATEGEEK