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So, I compiled a small list of ideas for how to change sv+ to make it a bit more interesting and fun, as minecraft "hard" difficulty should be renamed to "a little less easy". The changes will mostly impact Mob AI, as well as crafting recipies, but if you have more ideas feel free to tell me below. Once we got a set of ideas established I'll create a google form where you can rate every suggested change 1-10, so that we can sort out the ones noone wants, and only implement those ofc >:D

Anyway here's the list:

  • Improved Zombie AI: Zombies will no longer go in solo, but group up to be three or more before attacking a player
  • Preventing boss fight exploits (such as wither in nether roof) to make the fights be actual fights
  • Adjusted spawn rates
  • An actual year cycle with the season starting in summer (long days, short nights) - but as it progresses this will turn over as it becomes winter, then go back when it becomes summer again. Crops will grow slow and have a chance to die in winter conditions if not sheltered, rivers and the ocean might freeze, and the type of mobs also changes with the time of the year.
  • Tweaking recipies to make more sense, such as: baking bread before it becomes edible, you can't just turn bones into bonemeal but you have to grind it with flint...
  • Turning machines into multi block structures (e.g. a furnace can only smelt some subset of things, if you want to melt down iron you need a higher tier multiblock structure)
  • Adding more machines that will change recipies. As of now, you cannot obtain xp bottles to store your XP, but what about an EXP drain that you can use to bottle your XP?
  • Adding "knowledge books" to teach villagers trades/improve existing trades (Props to doom for this idea)
    • Elytra trade: As all close to spawn elytras are usually gone within minutes, there's a chance to find an elytra knowledge book to teach a villager an expensive trade for an elytra
    • Mob eggs: When you find a dungeon and you break the spawner, there's a chance that it will drop a knowledge book of the mob type the spawner was. Use it to teach a villager how to trade you mob eggs of that kind.
    • Mining ores has a tiny chance of dropping a knowledge book for the ore you just mined, allowing you to trade for that precious... Umm dirt. Yeah you just got a dirt book. Gz?
    • Improvement books: These are "blank" knowledge books that you can find in dungeons and enchant. Using said book on a villager will allow you to select a trade, giving you a chance to upgrade the selected trade according to the enchantments you applied before.
    • Enchanting knowledge books with e.g. efficiency will give you a higher trade value, enchanting it with infinity will allow you to reuse it once (this consumes the enchant). Enchanting it with mending will give the book durability that you will have to refill with XP each time you use it.

If you have any more ideas don't be scared to reply, I'll only slaughter you a bit if your idea is stupid :>



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±1 for knowlege books
-1 to everything else

+1 Sounds good, except for those living on the southern hemisphere lol

except for those living on the southern hemisphere lol

Hu? xD

Already gave my +1 on Slack, but here it is again.

pepe sorry but I can't let SV just get all lost its unfair all our porgress and then just gone :( we all worked HARD so -1 for a reset
and a +1 for the ideas

Eh. I really like your idea for the SV world. +1 To that.

I also have to agree with others tough, -1 to the reset. I think the reset is a bit early. it's only been 5 months from the last one and many people still want to play the current SV world. But I think you should definatly incorporate the ideas into the next Survival Reset, which will hopefull but on January the 1st (2019).

This will only happen combined with a sv reset. I won‘t deal with three different time schedules for sv worlds. If someone feels like managing that kind of stuff I can set up sv+ prematurely, but I just can‘t be arsed to keep track of the different schedules.

(Managing it really just means managing it. I‘ll happily code all ideas that make sense to you and are of reasonable effort. I just rather have the hassle of resetting everything once a year, than three times :P)

Also: 1.13 is coming. It‘s entirely incompatible with 1.12. We can keep and continue playing on the old world ofc but without the new features (well glhf going out 20k blocks to generate new terrain), so I guess when we update might be an appropriate time to reset?

EDIT: These ideas are for SV+. Normal survival will stay just the way it is - normal survival.

hi , pepe again I hveaely agree with Anya I'm not even that good or let us atlas keep our stuff its help us all out a lot

Will you guys make Redstoner SV+ a Forge-compatible mod as well? I give a +1 too!

so sv+ is a modpack? idk, if you're going to add those, might as well add

crouching around trees casues them to grow

apple trees

different colored creepers

anything that isnt too OP

Ehh no. It‘s vanilla. I‘m not gonna write mods or something for this, also that‘d probably take the playercount down

The seasons thing might be kinda confusing for those living in the southern hemisphere as the seasons are flipped, me included.
though +1 for the knowledge books.
A couple ideas i have for sv+ though:

  • The different block for the beacon base would improve the beacon because there is no point in using diamond for the beacon base
  • The ability to place different slab types on top of one another for example the bottom half is stone and the top half is quartz
  • Maybe sponges would dry out on their own in dry/hot places like the nether
  • An actual use for furnace minecarts because they are pretty useless
  • Mobs have a small chance to drop their heads Also all the mob farms i built in sv have really low spawn rates and a low mobcap for some reason. I was told the mobcap wasn't changed but in my gold farm for example I had max 40 pigmen at a time with no one else on the server.

One minecraft year was planned to take 36 days. If for the entirety of the 36 days, seasons are flipped for you, which planet do you live on, wtf?

  1. I can't add a block to the game. I can disable diamond blocks to be beacon base, or add something else, but I can't add a new block
  2. I can't add a new block to the game. Minecraft doesn't allow this, so I can't make it a thing without adding a new block.
  3. Sure thig, that should be rather simple and makes sense to me
  4. I was thinking of overhauling the minecart system, so that you can link multiple carts together. Also, nerf booster tracks I guess?
  5. The mobcap is indeed unchanged. People have however set up chunkloaders and stuff that might have an impact. As sv+ will run on a seperate server though, only what you do on it will have an impact on it. The other worlds won't at all, I can guarantee that

A year of 36 days would be 9 days per season, which I don't think is long enough. Some people have lives to live and can only be on the server a few times a week, so the seasons would change way too often for them. Maybe change seasons once every 2-3 weeks?

Those that are allowed sv+ are those that dedicate a lot of time to the server. Sure if you can only join once every four weeks then you‘re stuck playing in winter, but then you wouldn‘t be playing sv+ anyway. I guess 12d/season would be ok though (that way it‘s easy to split it to 4d/month, 1d/7days). Totalling out at 48d per year.

@andyandythin I think Pepich was trying to say that your seasons don't change on a 36 day cycle. But considering the sort of weather I get, they might as well.

Actually here's another suggestion: rare weather events like cyclones or tornados would be cool, or even hailstorms in cold biomes, although it may not add much to gameplay.

@andyandythin so your winter down there takes only 12 days? How do you grow crops if spring and summer combined are a mere 24 days long, our crops here take months to grow. So idk what you‘re on about with the minecraft seasons being flipped compared to yours.

I‘ll see what I can do in terms of weather events ;)

pepe you could do andy's block idea with slabs and shit by using a texture pack with a json file.

@IqUiKDrop For that, you would have to retexture already existing blocks, meaning you would remove other blocks from the game. Also, the .json file doesn't change the collision box, only the appearance.

I have ways to add blocks (even with slmewhat custom collision rules) using only a resource pack (and a plugin or tons of cmdblocks). Don‘t worry about that shroomy :P That way however generates a giant gpu overhead client side, and a bit of stress on cpu and memory serverside. So I‘d rather not. Also it‘d require everyone to use that RP which I also don‘t find too fancy

Use a hoe that’s damaged and make it so the item will only appear in the head slot lmao , also just force the pack for the sv world

How about tools and armor which work less good as they get more damaged?

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