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A little while ago, @Nyxify came to my plot and said that my door wasn’t the smallest possible. (This door) piston door This is Nyx’s design other piston door Problem is, when the door is open, it’s the same size, but when it’s closed, it’s smaller. So I think we should have some sort of standard for this (I’m working on it).


31 May 2018 14:08:15 GMT
It’s average size has 1/2 a block shaved off the side. I’m with Nyx on this one, his is smaller. We don’t really need a “standard” for this, you just need to look at the dimentions and think to yourself, “hmmm…is this smaller?”
I agree that Nyx’s door is smaller. What I’m saying is there needs to be some way of measuring builds in certain edge cases. For your thing about average size, I would say: average size and then largest state as a tiebreaker.
Slime blocks so it’s more like 3x5x7.
Based on what ive seen Yours is smallest possible legit 2x2 Nyx’s is smallest possible unlegit 2x2


4 Jun 2018 04:29:44 GMT
“legit” and “unlegit” my ass. they’re both doors which open a 2x2 area of blocks and thus i conclude with my high iq that both are “legit” 2x2s. yall gotta stop making up reandom ass terminology.

According to my 140 IQ reading skills, the word you were looking for is „illegit“, or, even smarter, „illegitimate“. „Unlegit“ is a word only used by people who cannot read a dictionary and therefor don‘t realise that it‘s not even a word.

For something to be illegit you first need a set of morals to compare it to. Something like „making a door that‘s better than mine is socially not accepted, therefor your door is illegitimate“.

Anyway the door uses slime so it‘s actually a lot bigger than the raw volume.

We need a new category for doors with slime on the outside or extended pistons in the roof or other stuff like that: “it works, but it ugly af”
Or we could do this like we’ve always done? Just have 2 measurements, max and min. (In this case, closed and open).