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I apologize in advance if this bug doesn't exist and I'm an idiot or if this bug has already been reported. I have checked the previous bugs reported on this thread and didn't find this.

What did you expect:
I expected for the "users seen within the last two minutes" section at the bottom of the website to have the correct people.

What actually happened:
I instead will sometimes notice it will say, people who haven't been on in even days and then when I check the server, they still haven't been on.

Do you see any sort of error message?:

How can we reproduce this problem:
I can't think of any easy way to reproduce this, but I've seen it often happen, so it just seems random :/

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sever time doesnt count this isnt a bug, its a legit feature lmao. User seen in the last 2 minutes is for the site not the server check the "whos playing tab" for that lmaoo

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