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This idea just popped into my head where in home page, it will show the people who were recently banned. This could include include which kind of ban (website, temp ban, player ban, IP ban). It could also show the reason, and if it was a temp ban, it could show how much time is left. This would just keep people in the loop to know why the person hasn't been on in forever.

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maybe a new page, but I still -1 this because clicking on people will show if they're banned

I don't know. Something about this doesn't really sit right with me. I'd prefer not to.

No real need for this feature. It's useless and I'm the same as PJ that it doesn't really sit right. Just kinda weird to stage people like that like, "hey look at these people who got banned".

I mainly did this to make sure people weren't confused on why the person isn't responding to their messages when the banned person is trying to join from the stream server or another server.

Well then maybe said person should do /seen [ign of banned person] and then see if they're banned. Not hard.

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