1.13 Is Going To Have some changes to redstone :)

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So I did some tests in 1.13 and of course they made changes to blockstates as well as block IDs. What I found is that Observers can detect absolutely every kind of blockstate change, even ones that couldn’t be detected in 1.11. Some examples of updates from 1.11 that can now be detected are Changes to the shapes of Fences/Walls/Panes/Bars, Changes to shapes of Stairs, Redirecting Redstone Dust, Repeater Locking, Powering Note Blocks, Changing Instrument of Note Blocks, Changing Note of Note Blocks, and maybe some other Blockstate Changes. If you have some contraptions that currently have these sorts of blockstate changes that don’t affect observers in 1.11 but will in 1.13, those contraptions have a possibility to break in 1.13 Just a heads up :) But other than that there will potentially be more opportunity in the 1.13 release.
Maybe tell Mojang that so they can fix it
Hate when Mojang wants to break my stuff.
Also Note Blocks will be pushable by Pistons/Slime Blocks so you can’t use those anymore, and no I don’t want these changes to go away because I like them and I think more stuff will be possible, plus anything broken by it can be fixed.