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EngineerRS (alt of Sniperkillx29)has copied several doors from other redstoners onto his plot giving credit to himself.

Failed Attempts
Perm ban on Syn for copying creations and lying to staff (does this count?)
Attempting to call him out on it.

Creative, -346 74 564, -349 71 645

2018-08-16 01:57

No Greif

.15 3x3: link
2 High Exp. Glass Hipster: link
Piston Extender: link
3x3 Deluxe Inverted Funnel Lamp Door: link

SacredRedstone, Nyxify, Tarakona88, GWJD can confirm.

Extra note: EngineerRS who is the alt of sniperkillx29 who was perm banned on synergy for stealing other's creations, and lying about when confronted by staff. About a year ago, his Youtube channel was terminated for re-uploading other people's videos without permission or giving credit

Extra note #2: Skulls on the plot were later changed by another player who was added to show actual creators.

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@SacredRedstone this was posted on your behalf, is this report actually written by you? (I want the logs to be correct, I‘ll update the post owner if it actually is lol)

It's annoying when you spend a long time on something only for it to be shitted on by another person claiming they made it :l

@Pepich1851 it's not written by me, Rev asked if he could write the report on my behalf and I agreed

I can confirm this. Most of the builds were made by someone else other than EngineerRS him/her/itself. He (EnginnerRS) didn't even credit the creators.

@GWJD In addition to that, some of the things he claimed as his own creation (such as Sac and Yop's Expandable hipster).

Just so I can get this over with quicker and I‘m too lazy to read the rules, could someone quickly point out the index of the rule(s) this is violating? Thx :3

I remember being told that you have to credit someone if its not your build, or it could be removed.
Ive had that happen to me a couple times.
I dont know if thats still a thing.
but going on the rules page its not breaking any rules at all.

I feel like rule 8 of "Other rules" could apply here, "If you are doing something which disturbs or annoys a large portion of the community, you can be punished."

As Sacred i think rule 8 also applies here because it would really annoy me if someone copies my builds without asking and/or not giving any credit whatsoever just to become builder, and as i see EngineerRS has annoyed alot of people by copying their builds, claiming that they are his. Next to my 3rd plot there was a guy who copied a couple of my 3x3s and 1 of my 4x4s, i asked a mod(i cant remember whom) the mod gave me perms to remove the builds and place a sign saying "Don't copy my builds without giving credit" or something like that.

this seems like reasonably blatant plagiarism to me; quite apparently severely violates the "common sense" rule.

It's been a week, any updates?

I‘ve said this openly before, my stance on this would be to just close it because there‘s no direct rule it violates. I‘ve said I won‘t make a decision because of this. If you want me to though, I will :)

Can my 0.15 3x3 be removed from his plot please? I never gave him permission to build it. Also I think we should have a rule about stealing other peoples' builds, especially when they don't give credit or credit themselves.

Yea, it'd be good to make a rule against copying builds from other people without permission/credit because i am pretty sure if you build a 10x10 and you are a member, and lets say a trusted can copy it to his/her plot, invite everyone to see it without giving credit to the member that built it and when he(the member) says that its his no one without lb would believe him. Now that i think about that, this scenario is really unlikely to happen, but you get the point. I guess we can vote for a new rule to be made? It should be something like: "Copying other peoples' builds either redstone or non-redstone related, without giving credit or getting permission by the person who built it, you can be punished by a staff member."

And because of the rule, you would suddenly believe the member instead of the trusted?

Well mods always have lb so they can check who built it first i guess even without the rule, but atleast most of the people(member+) i think will know that its not good to copy someone elses builds to become builder or to show off to their friends.

I sent him a very agressive message telling him to remove my 3x3 from his plot. He removed it, but acted dumb as if it was never on his plot. There's still stolen doors on his plot though, which I'm sure he will do the same about. Would be nice if he could say something himself about this situation @EngineerRS.

Any other staff has 24h to respond to this. If noone forms an opinion, I'll just close this due to lack of policy and staff input. This report is two weeks old, that shouldn't happen.

Actually, never mind. You stated that it's an alt of sniperkill.
Perma'd for ban evasion then I guess?

@EngineerRS Please clear this up?


Permabanned for ban evasion.

Hello or good evening everyone,I'm sorry for being late for this answer ! I'm really sorry for everything I've done in the last two years! I asked myself a few months to take stock of what I could do. I go first to all those who have been stolen by me, I'm sorry to have lied to the staff. Example Zomba ... Synergy, about the account Sniperkillx29, I do not understand the prohibition of spam or advertising because I've done nothing ! Now, I'd like to catch up with my mistakes, but I think that's no longer possible with his mistakes!

Necro-post, and also "his" mistakes. Nice job trying to shift the blame. Did he make you steal builds?

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