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Although I have been on the server for a year and a half, I have realised I haven’t completed my own introduction, and with my current spike in forum activity, I thought it would be appropriate.
Outside of gaming, I am a 14 year old in the fourth year of secondary school. As it works, English maths and the like are compulsory, but you can choose two others, of which i chose creative IT and philosophy. I remain quite unlike my online self, being quiet to the point of being questioned for rude or grumpiness. That’s pretty much it.

I first found out about Redstoner surprisingly through Fits raid video, as I was interested on the conflict in 2b2t so subscribed. I decided to join just for a laugh, left for a while then returned to play, but not religiously. I’m now builder rank, somehow, and very much enjoying all of the servers modes and hopefully getting on with the community.

I also enjoy playing various shooters and sandboxes, but don’t see myself leaving them for Redstoner.
Thanks for reading this elongated thing, and I hope to see you online
Wisemadprofessor, leader of the WisePire

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