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Type of ban / demotion
He Have a ban for / spam or advertising

What He have done wrong
He does not know why he was banned and thinks it was when he did not have a keyboard or mouse and he had a laptop, he inadvertently, he spam a lever.

Why He should be unbanned / re-promotedIt's a permanent ban
He was waiting at least since six months to appeal because he had no account on the site. He was not mature at the time and regrets the mistakes he could make ! he thinks that saying "he is now mature" that now will probably not help to deliverer of this ban but he still want to try .

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Can you ask him to follow the guidelines

Is Sniperkillx29 your second account or is it someone else?

He IS Sniperkillx29, he got permabanned for ban evasion with EngineerRS here. And permabans are permabans.

If you didn't remember this you were banned for more then just advertising, and spamming a lever. You have also ban evaded with this account, and I don't get why you still act like this alt isn't yours.
-1 for me.

The account of Sniperkillx29 has been ban for I do not know what reason on this server, on that of synergy I can understand what I could do in the before and I regret

@HitzCritz I knew all along that Sniperkilx29 was his account, but I wanted to see if he would keep lying about it not being his account since he have a history as you might know about lying about that.

But as to why the account is banned: the reason is as you stated: spam/advertisment. The spam part is spamming doors and redstone contraptions. We are currently working on finding out what happened so we can solve this the best way possible.

Hello and thank you for your answer, I did not want to lie to you just separate this account from the one

Sniperkillx29 is now unbanned

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