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I'm not entirely firm on this, but looks like soon I'll be getting a RX480, which means that my current 1050 Ti will be without a home. I might just keep it around for my little brother, but I just might be convinced to sell it. (If I do sell it) I will charge $25 less than current ebay prices ($70+shipping if not in US) which while I know you can also get a R9 290 for that price, is is a not bad deal. I have never mined on it or overclocked it permanently, fans always below 40%. If you're interested, the 1050 Ti is a fantastic 720p or 1080p card at medium settings and consumes very little power.

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I also have AMD HD5770 from years past, but I doubt anyone will be interested in that unless you collect old hardware (it's useless for gaming these days).

What brand of 1050ti? like evga msi etc

It's a PNY XLR8 1050 Ti OC. Pretty basic, but MSI afterburner exists and the 1050 Ti was never scorching power hungry card like the R9s. I also change my price to $70 shipped (half of what I paid last year).

Hmmm tempting... got an EVGA 1050 off my friend this May for 80$ CAD... not sure if its worth the money. I will let you know though

$70 includes shipping and I still have the original box. I'm also open to trading components, need a CPU cooler and PSU and maybe some 140mm case fans.

It's definitively temping, I have a GTX 1070, but I have a r5 1600 meaning no internal graphics, so I can't do virilization and pass the graphics card through.

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