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Type of ban:

7 days


Stealing from a mod in survival

What i have done wrong:

I didn't realize that only one chest was for to public, not all the other chests in a 100 block radius, so i accidentally stole stuff.

Reason i should be unbanned:

I was relatively new to survival and i read a sign saying; "All things in a radius of 100 blocks are part of the community," or something like that, so i thought that meant that you could use stuff in that radius to help you. And i took a stone pickaxe, some diamonds, and a bow to help me since i had nothing. I had no idea that i stole from a Mod. I'm just saying that it was an accident and i had no idea that i stole stuff.

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I understand that the signs could've caused confusion. I had my chest labeled but it was still within the 100-block area of spawn so I guess your decision would make sense. +1

Yeah sorry for taking your stuff. It was an honest mistake.

I talked with Rman and we came to the conclusion to reduce the ban. You are now banned for 2 days in stead of 1 week.

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