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As the title says, SV is shit. After only a little over a week after the reset, sv is shit. We've had stealing issues. We've also had issues where people have broken farms.

Rman, by himself, built this zombie pigman farm: I've built this farm before, and it can take A LOT of resources and A LOT of time to make. He finally finished it, but after less than 24 hours, it has already broken. Someone knocked off 9 NAMED alarm zombie pigman. Just to put that into perspective, we can't push mobs on this server, so he had to aggro them to lure them onto each 1-block platform. Before he could even do that, he needed 9 nametags so the pigman wouldn't despawn. He didn't want them to despawn because they are supposed to keep the pigman aggroed at the player.

Someone killed the endermite at the enderman farm. I fell in lava trying to get to the enderman farm, and then when I wanted to enchant new items, I was informed that the farm was broken. Because of this, I had to fix the farm myself, which was a pain because there's a 5% chance of an endermite spawning, and ender pearls deal A LOT of damage.

When it comes to stealing issues, hilligans and Rman killed 2 withers. They used the nether stars from the withers to make beacons, which they were both put at spawn. Someone stole one of the beacons, and still hasn't returned it. There are currently 2 beacons at spawn because someone killed another wither. We should have 3 though because of the stolen beacon. Also, hilligans has had many things stolen from him, including slime blocks, which are rare because we don't have a slime farm yet.

Additionally, people put up donation chests at spawn, which is very annoying.

What I propose is a completely vanilla survival, that uses an application/invitation based system. This survival WOULD NOT replace normal sv or tsv. Again, this would be completely vanilla. That means it doesn't have any changes whatsoever to the normal game. When it comes to resets, I would propose resets to only happen if the people in this new survival agree that a reset should happen.

Let me know what you think of this

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That's A LOT of damage. If you are interested in an invitation based SV, I can recommend a good hosting service to you :)

Yea. I already have a Linux VM that runs pretty well. My only concern is that people like to be on redstoner, so having a separate server may impact how many people are interested

Maybe what Pep is suggesting is that it would be very difficult for redstoner to host a vanilla survival server. Either go host it yourself, find a different survival server, or make do with sv.

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